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  1. then if I understand correctly i have to change 'sx' to 'positionX' in my code? local scale = interpolateBetween(0.7, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, progress, "OutQuad") local width, height = dxGetTextWidth(getPlayerName(v),scaleF,settings.font,true) - 350 * scale, 2*scale local sx, sy = sx-width/2, sy-height dxDrawImage(sx, sy, 40, 40, "files/typing.png",0,0,0,tocolor(255,181,64,255))
  2. umm, another little problem. if i want to put another image after the player's name, again the same problem just in the other direction. with this code: local width, height = dxGetTextWidth(getPlayerName(v),scaleF,settings.font,true) - 350 * scale, 2*scale
  3. I want to put a picture before players name in their nametag, and with a longer name fits well, but no with a sorter... What is the problem? Code: local width, height = (dxGetTextWidth(getPlayerName(v),1,settings.font,true)+270)*scale, 2*scale a picture of the problem:
  4. Oh, i got it. And how can i solve it the onMarkerHit event for players? Because remove the marker from all players, if a player hit that. function felvesz(thePlayer, md) setElementData( thePlayer, 'm', source) if getElementType(thePlayer) == "vehicle" then destroyElement(getElementData(thePlayer, 'm') ) end end
  5. I know, but i've used before this method with table and then the markers or peds appeared only to the player. Now when i change the createMarker to createPed, the ped also appears to everyone... with table.
  6. i tried with table, but does not work, create for all player, when i type the command local cpk = {} function teszt(player) cpk[player] = createMarker(1954.52979, -1367.25488, 24.27094, "corona", 1.5, 255, 0, 0, 150) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", cpk[player],felvesz) end addCommandHandler("t",teszt) funny, because in another script this method worked... and now what wrong?
  7. I want to change the default red ***Network Trouble*** text with something else in dx. Is it possible?
  8. I want make a bass effect with a image like this (speaker image in middle, not the white lines): How can i do this? What functions are needed?
  9. I tried a method, which works with one table, but now, when i tried merge 2 table datas, this method does not working... This is my code (not full) I tried to highlight the important parts, if necessary, I will send in pm the full code: I want show maximum 10 rows, and if have more rows, then show another rows with scrolling. This working fine with 1 table, and loop, but now does not working at all. It always show all rows, even if there are already more than 10, and ofc cannot scrolling. What wrong?? How to fix this? I've been trying fix this for hours, but nothing...
  10. Thank you, that's exactly what I want!
  11. for example i have 2 table with 2 different data and i want to show them in a column like this: [Table name1]: Data1 Data2 [Table name2]: Anotherdata1 Anotherdata2 How can i do it this with loops?
  12. Lol, thanks. And how to install this? Because the "Installation" part in readme not described
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