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  1. I use CEF to play music in game, but if a music copyrighted then does not start. How can i shun this?
  2. I tried this way (this is not the full code), and when i insert a new data to the table the rectangle appears with animation, and when i insert again, then existing and new rectangle appears with animation too, how to set animation only for the new one? (sry, my english is very bad) local start = getTickCount() local one, one1 = 1, (sy_/2+800) * ym local two, two1 = 1, (sy_/2+300) * ym function teszt() for k, v in ipairs(notifications) do local now = getTickCount() local x,y = interpolateBetween(one, one1, 0, two, two1, 0, (now - start) / ((start + 600) - start), "Linear") dxDraw
  3. I tried this method, but does not work: local tabla = {"Valami", "ASdasd", "Teszt", "Proba"} function teszt() local talalat = table.find(tabla,"Va") outputChatBox(talalat) end addCommandHandler("test",teszt) function table.find(tabl,word) if type(tabl) ~= "table" or word == nil then return false else local ret = false for k,v in pairs(tabl) do if v == word then return k end end end end
  4. I want to create a command which remove all accounts from the player's serial, if he forgot the account name. What functions, arguments can be used for this?
  5. I've tried save the data many ways, but the timer after login it doesn't work at all, everything else works
  6. i didn't removed anything, just this part does not work now
  7. still does not work local root = getRootElement() addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function() local playeraccount = getAccountName ( source ) if ( playeraccount ) then local azazaza = getAccountData (playeraccount, "bortonperc") or 0 setElementData(source,"bortonperc",azazaza) setTimer(function() local thePlayer = source if azazaza ~= 0 or azazaza ~= -1 then idozito[getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)] = setTimer(function() if azazaza == 0 then if isTimer(getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)) then killTimer(getPlayerSerial(thePlayer)) end triggerClientE
  8. now does not work the save part of script function onPlayerQuit ( ) local playeraccount = getAccountName ( source ) if ( playeraccount ) then local ezezeze = getElementData(source,"bortonperc") or 0 setAccountData (playeraccount, "bortonperc", ezezeze) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", getRootElement ( ), onPlayerQuit ) local root = getRootElement() addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function() local playeraccount = getAccountName ( source ) if ( playeraccount ) then local azazaza = getAccountData (playeraccount, "bortonperc") or 0 setElementData(source,"bo
  9. i want create a jail system, but when a player reconnect to the server, the countdown stops at the last value... for example: the player have 10 minutes left, then reconnects, the timer does not subtract from the number anymore.. how to fix this? code: rRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) local idozito = {} function JAIL(thePlayer,commandName,sendToName,ido,...) if ( sendToName ) then if (getPlayerFromParticalName (sendToName)) and ido then if ( not tonumber ( ido ) ) then triggerClientEvent(thePlayer,"chat->NewMessage",thePlayer,"hiba","Adj meg egy s
  10. Helloo, i want to invite you to a old MTA:SA server. It has been available since 2012, you can come up from any region, you will not be disappointed. What you can do on this server?! - Knife vs knife match (or any other weapon) - You can race with your friends ..etc. Anything you want, without rules. You do not need a good computer, to join this server... You can play from a very old laptop too. Do you want to join? Here is the IP: mtasa:// Some videos from server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Szz6fxwp0Jw https://www.youtube.
  11. i have a dd server, and i want add that if a map played 5x, then remove 9) Play again from votemanager, and when playing another map, then add again 9) Play again for 5 rounds.. how can this be done? sorry for my very bad english..
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