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  1. There's lots of MP mods out there that you'll probably never hear of. They're created by people wanting to learn how to program, and they think that creating an MP mod for SA would be a fun way to it. Noone has the right to discourage this. So far there hasn't been much copying with SA, unless you're generalising with creating a multiplayer for GTA. But this idea in itself is not the sole right, or idea, of MTA. No group has announced intention to create a race mode, placement editor and SDK. Lastly, I don't think MTA is in a position to call other MP mods immitations, when it failed to deli
  2. Your new site header, it contains a syntax error.
  3. If someone starts offering prizes I'll compete. Until then I'm just doing this for fun. edit: <-- wtf. says I'm an MTA developer.
  4. Can you post a source for this information? That has always been one of the rumours, but whenever someone from R* talks about multiplayer in a magazine interview or web posting, they say it simply comes down to the fact that they don't know how to do it. That is, there is no clear way to turn this large, non-linear, world into a production quality multiplayer game. This problem has always been apparent to us. We can get away with alot of stuff simply because MTA is a hack, a feature that wasn't meant to be in there. It's unlikely R* would ever release a gamemode similar 0.4 deathmatch where
  5. It's expected to be alot less. Although more is synced, we have better methods of accomplishing that syncing. We didn't simply addon to the data that is synced in 0.4. Like any other online game we shoot for a target bandwidth of around 56K. So 2-3Kb upload and 3-4Kb download maximums. I'm not sure 0.4 or lesser versions were able to meet that target for all situations, but I'm confident Blue will. Our new network layer has a sliding window which ensures noone gets more data than their connection can handle. Latency will still be an issue. If you're pinging greater than 500 I don't think y
  6. Generally everything we say is subject to change. It's not due to lack of communication either. Some things may work one day, then another day we find it causing problems for something else, or find it doesn't work with a new particular method we're using etc. We're trying hard to get in as many features as possible, and to get the network level syncing as close as we can to single player.
  7. Hydraulics may not be synched or synced. It's unknown at this stage.
  8. There's places you could hide in Vice and almost never be found.
  9. PM me and I'll send you a link to the MTAServer compiled on debian woody for libstdc++.so.3
  10. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to post your ideas. What you have described there is the more "correct" way to go about programming a multiplayer game. One thing that seperates MTA from most other multiplayer games is that we do not have access to the games source code, and we also cannot perform any binary modification to the harddisk executable. We are limited by what we can find and perform in memory. I don't think that's going to hold us back from creating better versions of MTA, but we often have to make this game do things it wasn't designed to do. And we often have to give up doin
  11. No, I've been around for a while. I just don't post on the public forums very often. I'm sure everyone (including people on the team) would like to see map modifications - as long as everyone on a particular server was running the same map mod, and that it doesn't cause confusion for people connecting to a server without support for that mod. Most of us on the team work with MTA and GTA every single day. We know about most of the hacks, cheats, map mods and if we had felt it was secure enough to allow people to disable modification checks in 0.3, we probably would have done so. Having publi
  12. I have compiled a version of MTAServer against libstdc++.so.3 for debian woodie and other linux versions that are using the older libstdc++. We might make a binary replacement available on the download page, but for now you can send me a PM for the download link if you need it.
  13. It doesn't work like that. HL2 netcode would be absolutely useless to us. And yes, it would be highly illegal for us to use any code from HL2, profit or non-profit. This topic is just stupid.
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