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  1. Playing in borderles mode fixed the problem, Thanks @ccw and @Dutchman101.
  2. Recently i bought a GTX 1060 and a new monitor, before this the problem wasn't present, So, i can open MTA normally , play etc, but when i try to quit the game my screen turns completely black (i don't see the cursor too), i have either to restart the PC or disconnect and connect again the HDMI cable from the graphic card to see the screen normally, I don't know what can be this as i have the latest driver installed, Can someone help me?
  3. We just want a better streaming system and the ability to use custom ids in engineImportTXD, engineReplaceModel etc
  4. How will this work? Will we be able to add new objects, vehicles, weapons etc like the singleplayer ASI but with Lua functions or this will just improve the streaming system or something like?
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