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  1. 1. Yes you can 2. Yes they are 3. Didnt crash once for me 4. Nothing like this happened for me
  2. jcmoorehead


    Well this gangs been around since before 0.2 came out. Its just we've finally became organised. And we couldnt umm... think of a name
  3. jcmoorehead


    The sites been uploaded to a tempory host (Angel Fire Unfortunetly) but Mills is looking into a better host.
  4. jcmoorehead


    Hmm ok then.... I'm uploading the clan site to a temporary host.
  5. What a Surprise, I was in a server for 5 minutes, some guy comes in, shoots me and misses me. His friend comes in and then kills me. And because the other guy was missing I get accused of cheating. I find it odd how they can accuse me of cheating when its: a) Two people onto one. b) The other persons health wouldn't go down when I shot them c) I died easily
  6. So what you mean is your one of those people who think 56kers shouldnt be allowed to play MTA? Well I have some news for you. Do you know how many times i've been killed on this game? Didnt think so! The same things happened with people on broadband, so don't try to bring up this argument.
  7. I usually tend not to do anything about it. Because the people who generally complain are usually the ones who call everyone in the server "cocksuckers" or "fags" or something O and thanks for the serious replies, I was expecting to be flamed or something when i made this post
  8. jcmoorehead


    Yup, and Kodo is also from GTAGaming. I myself am I admin of Modding Universe EDIT: We have a New member. Dynamite
  9. I'm going to add to this, The hunter is a vehicle of destruction, meaning you use it to blow things up. Now Some of Vice Citys streets are very narrow meaning you have an opportunity for a potential Game Mode here. Now for the Hunter to be enabled in deathmatch then the players must have some form of weapon to defend against it. So only Limited Ammo In Deathmatch Situations. The Game Mode I had in mind was to set up one person in the hunter and he must track down the fugitives. Sounds easy? But Don't forget the ammount of narrow streets in Vice City. And once you lose the hunter you must tr
  10. Which Is why I refrain from posting any comments when I die (Which Happens a Lot, especially from some of my own Team Mates )
  11. jcmoorehead


    Public Limited Company I THINK, I only thought of Roxor International. DJMills added the PLC.
  12. jcmoorehead


    Ok I saw this on the front of a building in Vice City and thought it would be a good name for a Gang. The name is "Roxor International PLC" We have several Members and DJMills hosts our public Server. Below are the members: DJMills JCM (Me) Kodo D_C_D Zidane (I Think) GunBlade Dynamite And here is the site: http://www.angelfire.com/games5/roxorintl/index.htm Unfortunetely i've had to upload to Angelfire until we get a better host
  13. This Isnt a complaint about the Mod or Connection problems more about some of the people who use it. I downloaded the Mod Last week when it came out and have had no problems EXCEPT for when I kill someone. Now I'm not being bigheaded but I consider myself fairly good at this game. Meaning I know how to utilise Powerups and use firing techniques such as strafing and jumping. I tend not to use these much though unless i'm low on health. Now we all know that players tend to jump around as animations arnt sync'd but its still at a good rate. So why is it people cannot handle a bit of lag. For
  14. At the moment i'd say it is neither Team Based or Anything else. Its an open ended game. I prefer the Team Play as you always have someone in the game to help back you up and theres always someone in there you know. For the Gang i'm in (Roxor International PLC - RIP) we tend to go onto our server (Hosted by DJMills) and will try to keep the teamplay going except for maybe when its Three On One then we'll go into Every Person For Themselves. Thats one of the best things about it at the moment, you choose how you want to play.
  15. I say no to the speech bubbles. Normal Chat is good enough. I say keep the chatbox and definately keep the healthbars under the player models but don't go any further then that. Just work on fixing bugs and adding more options to gameplay for now.
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