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    you should ask dutuchman only for these problem because its his script
  2. he mean to display output msg to corresponding player like this as i guess outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source).." hello", player, 0, 255, 0)
  3. Community already having garages scripts search there
  4. @CodyJ(L) can help you guys for converting maps
  5. Community already have hydra speed resources
  6. You can start your server manually in vps without ogp I guess I will make a clear tutorial for the install of mta server in vps
  7. Khadeer143


    Visit community first search there if you didn't get there then come here
  8. Watch the video were it shows the bugs for killing zombies without getting killed
  9. Khadeer143

    MTA Fallout Video

    Thank you I will download camtasia
  10. addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",GUIEditor.button[2],replace button with your ones guiSetVisible ( GUIEditor.window[1], false ), Replace window with yours window name showCursor(false) guiSetInputEnabled(false) End For close funcrion Add the above code in your client.lua ,and replace names as I shown in code
  11. Khadeer143

    MTA Fallout Video

    Which editor are you using for editing videos ? Can you link me Im also looking for video editing softwares
  12. Khadeer143

    MTA Fallout Video

    I really appreciated for you work this was really cool keep it up the story line you chosen was good
  13. Codyjl creating new project for map editor you can check what will be new
  14. Good work this will be help full for many users
  15. Khadeer143

    Walk style

    You can get excepted resources mostly from MTA community first visit MTA community do search there if you didn't get then come here
  16. You had posted more details about your server ,some pics or videos more details what special you have in server
  17. It happen same for me before 2 months it says files missgin unable to start map editor I reinstall mta sa and now it works fine try to reinstall and check your mapping files weather they r missing or not
  18. We didn't added skill payments yet because the new update of skill is kinda hard to add they made new policy so we r ignoring skrill payments instead we will add pay za & payneoor payments Don't ever listen to fraud members who share negative thoughts about my site
  19. I agree with this site they really help beginners or newbies to get basic knowledge not only Luna Codding they help for designing too
  20. as per both of you guys said stealing scripts great there r 980 members register on forum none of them ever reported on stealing scripts or any issues if you don't trust then ignore this topic ,just don't post negative thoughts lmao.. And for me and my host partner we don't even need to steal any scripts !we already playing MTA since 2013 and we are much capable to script own things !
  21. hello all im trying to make this script work but im getting error ------client function top(data) for i,theKey in pairs(data) do local row = guiGridListAddRow(top10gridlist) guiGridListSetItemText(top10gridlist, row, top10column1, theKey[i][1], false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText(top10gridlist, row, top10column2, theKey[i][2], false, false ) guiGridListSetItemText(top10gridlist, row, top10column3, theKey[i][3], false, false ) end end errors : attempt to index field'?'[a number value] at line 5 guigridlistsetitemtext ... whats the reason?
  22. UPDATE : we successfully added homepage now you guys can buy game servers,web host from us in cheap price from visiting here Payment methods : Paypal ,bank transfer , Indian local wallets, mobile payments ,Pakistan local wallets more payments are avaliable check for more details