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  1. You guys may be using some cheat programs and that's reason you were kicked if you repeat for 3-4 times you will ban to for weeks or months try to remove those programs you r using
  2. For me it happens like loading icon when ever I click with mouse or aim the player idk its my net problem or something else
  3. I seen some members posts in fb a guy recently shows fornite animation + skin gameplay same has fornite hope he had seen your posts will be help full
  4. Why r you using last line delete :O(462)? setTimer(deletefag, 5000,1 )
  5. Khadeer143

    Katana PvP duel

    Yo guys here is another video from partouze server (knife & katana events ) Hope you like it
  6. Khadeer143


    You mean respawn ?
  7. 2015 thread hai aur to sabke apne apne country ke server toh Kyu nah apne khud ke Indian server be open karrle khud ke developer team se agar kesse ko interest hai to batana me to ready hu dosto
  8. Ye toh imperial gang war ka remake version hai lmao
  9. Messi click here : and we will reply you on how to
  10. You had detain more details about your program good work anyway bro
  11. Pirateshosting also accept SMS payment and you can check our services ,plans & costs visit here Thank you
  12. You can get the resource from MTA community search there
  13. Triggerd Client side funcion is not added ,as It shows on debug errors
  14. Replace the files name like policesf.Dff instead of police_sf.dff
  15. Google translator lmao
  16. We letting everyone to take part in second giveaway by read this thread and register at 2 vps ,10 web host with different plans are available claim them if anyone is interested Thank you
  17. Servers are really cheap and quantity are high idk why are you selling it in so cheap ,good luck anyway
  18. And you simply pm Adkins about the reports they will solve
  19. Khadeer143


    what is this ?weird
  20. which gamemode are you looking for? will you pay?