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    mta sa BUGs !

    hey guys hello all today iam gonna show you 3 bugs which were founded by me and recorded at same time 1) Ghostmode ! 2) speed hack bug! 3) Godmode bug ! All three bugs found in 1 video watch and have fun !
  2. as i guess you cant stop damage of a rocket weapon ! i tried before to stop dmage from rpg weapon but i failed instead of that you can stop the fire function or aim _weapon function on rpg weapon spawned
  3. isObjectInACLGroup as above said do that it will be fixed
  4. Khadeer143

    clan panel

    Another way is to pay money and done your all scripts by money
  5. use tapl- cbug resource which block all cbug used by players you can find it in community
  6. you can get it from community there is already a enb created by ductuhman download and take a test !
  7. You didn't use set element velocity function add this function before set element position
  8. hi guys today i just recorded a funny bug video which i name it has invisible bug watch the video and you wll got to know why its funny
  9. groam resources Response: we got rid of several other resources from the same uploader because of using leaked resources, but these 2 particular ones aren't leaked. The targetting from dogfight resource is part of a public community resource (the edit of which grafuroam has but failed to prove it's theirs) and the experience system is written to clone visually, but doesn't actually use leaked grafuroam code.
  10. make sure you have add marker correctly and instead of the player function use source at server side which will work function enter (source) if getPlayerMoney ( source ) > 100 then takePlayerMoney (source, 100) setElementPosition(source, 834.66796875, 7.431640625, 1004.1870117188 ) setElementInterior(source, 3) else outputChatBox("#ff0000You Dont Have Enough Money!",source,255,255,255,true) end end addEventHandler("onMarkerHit",markerJoin,enter) test this
  11. Hello MTA staff from past months I was facing ddos attacks from one of my client server GTAV FREEROAM I was totally not able to figure out the attacker IPS to ban him ! Due to ddos attacks my vps bandwidth usage increase in short period ,in server face network trouble ,restart of vps automatic ! So after watching on YouTube I got a video were users shows how to ddos I see that guy ddos by using spam chats were whole server cause network trouble ,lags ,timeout problems the same repeated in my client server This is the video I seen Attacker details : ⎝⧹ nick : montassar - IP: serial:648D81DFAA7496D5DB46C25324D0B7F2 version:1.5.6-9.14334.0 montassar - IP: serial:648D81DFAA7496D5DB46C25324D0B7F2 version:1.5.6-9.14334.0 This guy usually spam 30 times with word &&&&&&&&& every 6 chats the users usually who join in server get network trouble and net also got diagnosed below are proofs I shut down my vps for 30 min so that attacks will leave my server I reopen server and when I check on console I got all proofs of attacker ! Pls ban him globally
  12. I want to know how can I make a blow vehicle damage to pro ? Same like we plant snatchel to vehicle to kill players I tried the blow vehicle function but it didn't give much damage to players it just reduced 30%-60%hp of player who were near by the car ! Any suggest will be helpful for me
  13. And you need to give rights first for kick and ban if your using in p panel has admin in P- panel then no need of rights if you r making separate panel or code for kick /ban you need to give them rights to specific group,acl . and it will work fine
  14. Wow really great that animation part by samiler is really great that will trend MTA again ,great job MTA team !
  15. Wow great 1.5.6 finally good job to all MTA team ! Thanks @samI1er for that amazing custom animation really great good job MTA
  16. You guys may be using some cheat programs and that's reason you were kicked if you repeat for 3-4 times you will ban to for weeks or months try to remove those programs you r using
  17. For me it happens like loading icon when ever I click with mouse or aim the player idk its my net problem or something else
  18. I seen some members posts in fb a guy recently shows fornite animation + skin gameplay same has fornite hope he had seen your posts will be help full