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  1. Hello all I need professional scripter's who can make resources for me for my new freeroam server pls comment or pm me payment mode is PayPal !
  2. Server IP is changed to new IP from past months we announced it in both forum & discord join our discord channel :
  3. Khadeer143

    Speed bug?

    Recently recorded these speed bugs randomly
  4. Providing free 10 gameservers MTA SA and samp with 100-300 slots free for next 2 months ,no need to post anything or no need of any requirements just visit here and apply
  5. now along with usa we are providing france locations servers for free pls visit here for more details :
  6. After 3 months of bussy months we are back again with our free services , now our forum is reopened again and users who ever is looking for free game servers can visit our forum : pls do read rules before applying : our homepage :
  7. Khadeer143

    Godmode bugger

    Hi guys how can someone do these the of bugs ?its totally weird he was like godmode Watch below video
  8. hello mates it"s a april month and i had passed 50+ subscribers here are the new videos watch them and keep liking ,sub my channel
  9. nice good job troll april month!!
  10. creating unique gamemode is better and it get drag player's intention also but the problem is some players don't usually join new gamemodes or servers ,and second thing is there is a top20 list optional to get 50+ players daily for 20 days so usually members are not interest to create unique modes they just spending money on top 20 list to drag players in there server !
  11. hi back with some couples of videos hope you like them and sub to my channels !
  12. Try to use ftp software add correct details like user,IP& pass then login if not worked then try wincp which is faster then ftp client Even it fails then contact the provider about the problem
  13. because your meta.xml have errors try to remove the type of gamemode ! <meta> <info author="HugoAlmeida" type="gamemode" name="O meu humilde servidor" description="Prepara-te, Bill Gates! Eu venho aí!" /> <script src="client.lua" type="client" /> <script src="ficheiro.lua" /> <file src="reeet.mp3" /> </meta> idk why you save this has script.lua change the name for this file make it has clients.lua or servers..lua or something else and define it has server or client using type function type="client" /> or "server" /> <script src="script.lua" /> for example see my meta.xml which is working well <meta> <info type="map" version="1.0.1" /> <map src="" dimension="0" /> <file src="music.mp3" /> <script src="client.lua" type="client" /> </meta>
  14. use triggerclientevent then play playSound3D("your file name here", x,yz, true) like this playSound3D("music.mp3", 269.36532592773,-1939.908203125,1.2081558704376, true) and make sure you add this in meta.xml <file src="music.mp3" />