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  1. you can do all by yourself bit some suggests like dot for hydra is already there in community ,hydra velocity also there with name hydra speed ,all other things you can make it by going here lua is not so hard you can learn quickly
  2. there is already 1 resource in community were you can use 2 m4 or ak47 like uzi or tec 9

    C4 bug

    Its a freeroam server Name : default freeroam P
  4. I don't think I provided bad example I just showed him how to I don't need to pm you simple ..
  5. Hi all today i want to sell my anti-cheat system which will helpful for some cheaters in server who loves to be pro by using cheats engines ! when ever some one use below cheats they will be get ban instantly ! features : * NO autoclicks allowance in server! * NO macros allowance in server ! * block mouse wheel fire ! *Block jitter clicking ! * spy only fire controls ! settings will be available so you can set how you want optional. video to check Cost is - 7$ payment will be paypal . optional payments for local buyers who belongs to INDIA & RUSSIA !
  6. wait what ? not belongs to script section?
  7. you can do it by using team function or acl function for vips ,then for weapons or vehicle like rhino,minguns etc.. use set timer make sure you know basics of timing for example look up for this code below i made this hydra veh for my shop system were player can buy hydra for money and use it for only 5 min ! you can do same with weapon also by using give weapon function & set timer ! visit here you can get all ideas from here addEvent ("Hydra - 2m$ for 5 min",true) addEventHandler ("Hydra - 2m$ for 5 min",root, function ( ) if getPlayerMoney ( source ) > 2000000 then takePlayerMoney (source, 2000000) setElementHealth (source,200) local x,y,z = getElementPosition (source) --The source is the player that triggered the event local vehicle = createVehicle (520,x+3,y+3,z+1) -- I'll just spawn a hydra or whatever local minutes = 5 local milisec = minutes * 60000 --Just passing minutes to miliseconds. setTimer (function() destroyElement (vehicle) outputChatBox ("[Server]: 5 min is up buy again and have fun" ,source,0,255,255,true) end,milisec,1) else outputChatBox ("[Server]: You dont have enough money to spawn hydra !" ,source,0,255,0,true) end end )
  8. Hello all I recorded another invisible bug which works in interiors and I tested it properly video show it all

    freeroam P

    many i have joine default freeroam P server many had fun in frp server i recorded 1 drag party video with the help of mexico players
  10. hello guys i have made a small video about pvp from gtaVfreeroam server hope you like it watch my all video from my channel
  11. i can give you some knowledge for choosing best vps the plan you show above is good next to ask them weather space is ssd or hdd ssd will be much better then hdd for fast and smooth performance for your gameservers !and mainly buy a vps which have ddos protection recommended and a average plan vps also best for 100+players for ex: 512mb ram with 1gb space can also give best performance for your gameserver with 100+ players !
  12. Hope you like it like and sub to my channel
  13. Hi guys I made this resource on my own by simple way hope you like this

    mta sa BUGs !

    hey guys hello all today iam gonna show you 3 bugs which were founded by me and recorded at same time 1) Ghostmode ! 2) speed hack bug! 3) Godmode bug ! All three bugs found in 1 video watch and have fun !
  15. as i guess you cant stop damage of a rocket weapon ! i tried before to stop dmage from rpg weapon but i failed instead of that you can stop the fire function or aim _weapon function on rpg weapon spawned