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  1. creating unique gamemode is better and it get drag player's intention also but the problem is some players don't usually join new gamemodes or servers ,and second thing is there is a top20 list optional to get 50+ players daily for 20 days so usually members are not interest to create unique modes they just spending money on top 20 list to drag players in there server !

  2. because your meta.xml have errors try to remove the type of gamemode !

            <info author="HugoAlmeida" type="gamemode" name="O meu humilde servidor" description="Prepara-te, Bill Gates! Eu venho aí!" />
           <script src="client.lua" type="client" />
            <script src="ficheiro.lua" />
            <file src="reeet.mp3" />

    idk why you save this has script.lua change the name for this file make it has clients.lua or servers..lua or something else and define it has server or client using type function

    type="client" /> or  "server" />

     <script src="script.lua" />

    for example see my meta.xml  which is working well

        <info type="map" version="1.0.1" />
        <map src="" dimension="0" />
         <file src="music.mp3" />
        <script src="client.lua" type="client" />