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  1. Black screen when i start the game.

    U need to open MTA again a msg vll pop up terminate now and open again now MTA will open this happen to me also daily u need to open 2 times
  2. [JS]Converted Maps

    thank you love u
  3. [Verseny]Need For Speed:San Andreas

    Server good and fab but my PC will :O off and my net will cry by seeing these stuff
  4. Report community resources here! Resource name - tasli Author - dugasz1 Don't know what it mean no description no image !except name tasli
  5. Global Chat - Servers System

    It is cool but try to help others to who contact u for help
  6. MTA Crashes right after Loading Screen

    Contact @ccw he is admin

    Use root or get root element to get output msg I suggest u to always use MTA wiki first before u start scripting anything try to search the function u want to script here is the code below u can look out ! a marker. local myMarker = createMarker(-2596.625, 579.358, 15.626, 'cylinder', 2.0, 255, 0, 0, 150) -- create myMarker function MarkerHit( hitElement, matchingDimension ) -- define MarkerHit function for the handler local elementType = getElementType( hitElement ) -- get the hit element's type outputChatBox( elementType.." inside myMarker", getRootElement(), 255, 255, 0 ) -- attach the element's type with the text, and output it end
  8. Server lagging

    Well its common Idk how to fix this becoz it happens for all server which have 100+players yea some times host location will effect the server to get lag,model skins ,player ping which makes server lag,I suggest u to down the skins,vehicles which are large ,some server use kick low ping system which reduce lag for them I wish there is a way to remove lag !!
  9. Script not working

    Yea right u need to check first weather script works In client or server side ! Always use debug script 1-3 mode to check errors console don't output errors for all functions
  10. Help pls

    U should add it in correct way at moderator section
  11. Script not working

    What r errors?

    We add video tutorial on how to get free server here the link
  13. Team Base

    I suggest u to use dutuchman moving gate resource resource which is easy to use
  14. [HELP] how to disabe tank damageproof

    Well thank you I to will try this for my server !!
  15. Private base

    Pm me the team names u want to add and now I am out when I back to home I will pm u code