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  1. Sponsor

    I can provide you MTA server has a sponsor let me know
  2. guys i need help

    @arsalahmed786 he can help you connect with arsal
  3. MTA Airkill bug !

    Thanks everyone so it was a bug I assumed it has hack because he repeatedly killed me 3 times ,so fine now and its fixed now .thanks everyone
  4. MTA Airkill bug !

    HEllO Everyone today i wanna report MTA SA staffs that MTA is NOt safe there are many bugs to be founded daily in MTA, last time i posted about speed bug from Default freeroam p Server ! Now i got another video that shows air kill bug from same server Default Freeroam P SERVER! first this was invited by ahmed mta who is global ban but later idk how players are Still using this till now, also many players in Default freeroam P are using Airkill ! so i have a proof video also hope Admins will take a action on the airkill bug !
  5. [SELL] MTA Clan Forum

    What's the use of this ? Its just a forum nothing else
  6. help me

    You mean a team panel were you can see team members ?
  7. Damage of weapon

    Its depends on target & range on bullets fired by every round as o guess sawnoff will damage more then silenced pistol we may seen many times while playing
  8. Simple gate system with panel

    Hi guys we all know how to make gates and open them with commands or colshape hit etc.. I just replaced same trick with panel I added 2 buttons open the gate & close the gate !this will be help full for team base ,houses or any restricts area ! Hope you like it watch the video from here
  9. Why playing MTA

    What you mean by why ? Lmao then why are you here
  10. Help - Inventory

    I can make you whole new system not clone of saeg or any servers if you can pay me
  11. help with parachute warp script please!

    You mean same like graom & SAAF server
  12. And download notepad++ for coding lmao
  13. Bad Argument @ getElementParent

    Define it with hit element nor get elements by type ,you r creating markers so you will hit the markers then the function will work change line 2
  14. Help Event Script

    Run debug script and check the errors
  15. Great video will look forward to play on your server