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  1. Good luck keep going Yea saur old scripts
  2. Can u explain briefly :O? What mod? And were
  3. Before getting to started I suggest u first edit the turf system and gang system of community then start ur own turf systems and gang system I suggest u notepad ++ to edit them I think its impossible for u to make turfs or groups system so best is contact a developer who make turfs and gang system for u or if u suggest me which type turfs and gang system u want and there features i vll make one for u not for free xd!! Pm me if u want
  4. I also got same situation sometimes when I zoomed it sometimes I fixed them by clicking and removing them try to rotate camera angle +zoom as possible to get object collision I tried it many times and work some times !! I think zooming may help it helps me many times !!
  5. U can create ur own GUI panel buy that program u can make login panel for example or any jobs stuff panel those buttons are just for helps which give u info how to make a GUI ... And close means close that specific window they are label they work on click method !!
  6. If ur problem is making base then I suggest u to go map editor in ur online server or local server and all ur recommended settings ,adding u need for ur base! In local server: Open MTA then see for map editor at menu of MTA sa connect,host ,settings ,map editor (click this) U will forward to ur game and see all turtoil u see first and add objects ,gates all.. After u done save it by option on top save as then make a name to ur folder then u can see folder in mtasa/mods/death match/resources u vill ur save base name!upload it via ftp and run it!! In host :open ur MTA server press p then resources then search for map editor click it u vll get editor for ur base then same process save it u no need to upload now just save it and exit map editor and reconnect on server and see ur base working What is faction? U mean tags? For more details visit YouTube u will get more information there how to make base all ...
  7. Try to upload other login panel or upload a modloader so that player can login first then they can download files later if they want !!and I suggest u first post thread on Hindi group then come here because our Hindi group need more Indian members !!
  8. Explain what u want in briefly were u want to start server Vps?what faction ?
  9. Vps

    Its fixed before 2 week thanks for helping, problem was in acl.XML at console group I need to add user name.console but I didn't added now its fixed close thread!!
  10. I setup it already acl need console name that's it ...
  11. U are u :~ ? Hahaa
  12. Why u need local server? It vll damage ur PC !! Try vps or dedicated server
  13. Vps

    Bro i added it same but even not work group name="Console"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <acl name="SuperModerator"></acl> <acl name="Admin"></acl> <acl name="RPC"></acl> <object name="user.Console"></object> <object name="user.raju"></object> <object name="user.Amazingcasino"></object>
  14. Vps

    Yes bro it his updated acl what is missing in console?