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  2. Thats good to see gta V rpg server and also there is another GTA V freeroam already in mta sa
  3. Pm me via discord : Storm-Hanna#9704
  4. Bhai active hai mta sa abe be ?
  5. I agree with this suggest for top 20 positions I seen many waiting list above Some pays and some ignore paying money when they get time to pay for top list ,another thing I noticed in top list is it don't boost the players like before in past years it hardly boost 90+ players I recently checked one of my client server the server never crossed 100+ players last target was 95 only may be the reason is players may left playing mta sa ..
  6. Website is back visit here to check new plans and costs which we have been updated
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  8. Website and forum will be down for some couple of days suggest users to stay connected with our discord channel of pirateshosting
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  12. Khadeer143

    New Dos Attack

    update : ask your vps provider to change the DDoS protection configuration for your server or vps which will resolve the problem.