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  1. Storm-Hanma#9704 is my discord you can contact me
  2. Its still there from past 4 years pirateshosting providing game servers for free we provide cheap paid service also visit https://pirateshosting.xyz/for cheap paid plans For free : https://forum.pirateshosting.xyz/ You can read this thread for more information https://forum.pirateshosting.xyz/announcement-5.html
  3. Newwebsiteaddress:https://pirateshosting.xyz Forum https://forum.pirateshosting.xyz/index.php
  4. Updates : We are Back With our Forums Kindly Visit it and tell your Friends too Link: https://forum.pirateshosting.com And Now you can Get a free Game Server at our Forums Signing up at forum.pirateshosting.com only takes about 10 seconds. Once you have posted 15 posts, you can request a free Game Server. Rules and Requirements: https://forum.pirateshosting.com/announcements.php?aid=5 Paid services : Get 50% off on Yearly Plan use Promo code YEAR2020 Get Your Game Server at Half Price Check out : https://helpdesk.pirateshosting.com/cart.php
  5. Thats good to see gta V rpg server and also there is another GTA V freeroam already in mta sa
  6. Pm me via discord : Storm-Hanna#9704
  7. Bhai active hai mta sa abe be ?
  8. I agree with this suggest for top 20 positions I seen many waiting list above Some pays and some ignore paying money when they get time to pay for top list ,another thing I noticed in top list is it don't boost the players like before in past years it hardly boost 90+ players I recently checked one of my client server the server never crossed 100+ players last target was 95 only may be the reason is players may left playing mta sa ..
  9. Website is back visit here to https://helpdesk.pirateshosting.com/cart.php?gid=8 check new plans and costs which we have been updated
  10. Visit evolutionhost.com for best game server vps with low cost and ddos protection https://evolution-host.com/
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