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  1. I know some basics scripting I can script some small resources like speakers ,login panel, etc.. But when it comes to higher level of scripting I can't script for example scripting turfs,group system,level systems base on GUI functions etc.. I can't script like this resources
  2. I need to start from bottom can you give Me a desperate classes for me?
  3. [GangWar] Imperial Network [English]

    After seeing your post I lost my mind bro ,thinking how well talented humans live in this world , Loved all you works ,salute to your work ,I will make sure one day I will also script resource like these and I too get players for my server ,how manh days it takes to complete your server bro ? I can see all the hardwork you have done , love you man I am a big fan of you
  4. I cannot start any resource

    Always do refresh first then press f8 and try to start with exact resource name you are using and it will work dune
  5. Server Earnings

    Just numbers but all server who has 100+ players earn a lot of Monet by VIPs ,clan system etc.. Mostly cit,saur,groam,saaf,etc.. Many are there earning maybe 100- 200$+ monthly xdd
  6. [HELP]Team Spawn This will help you made by me
  7. [REQUEST] Top Kill & Death

    do check community you can find there
  8. [REL]disabelgui~disable/enable mode

    Hello all today i gonna tell you about my resource resource name - Disablegui what features does this resource have ?how it works? many servers have problems of removing stealth kills,hydra kills and some heavyweapons kills like minigun & rpg i made this because i too suffer from this things so i decided to script it and upload it ,command to open this panel and close the panel by f6! disablegui window have 3 sets of buttons each set has enable/disable mode, enable/disable knife kills - when you press first time you can see output msg anti-knife mode enbale (now you cant get killed by knifers)when you click for second time now it show outmsg anti-knife mode disable (now you can get killed by proknifers) enable/disable heavyweapons kills - same like above mode enable by first click /disable by second click (output msg - heavyweapons disabled/enable ) weapons like minigun,rpg cant kill you when other players fired by aiming you when you enable mode/disable mode now you get killed by rpg&minigun! enable/disable hydra kills - same mode enbale/disbale by clicking first time and second time same output msg !when other player spawn hydra and aim on you if he fired he dont able to kiled you when you enbale mode /disable mode now you can get killed by hydra this resource work perfectly for freeroam servers those who dont have nodm resource ! resource link - ss -
  9. Connection timed out. (TE Data/Egypt)

    It is not your MTA sa problem its the net problem which I am to facing in Sparta freeroam server I stop those skin which facing my net slow and kicking me from server ,and my problem fix ,for you I gonna just say to change your net connection ,and Egypt have slow net I seem this in many players who are from Egypt

    Idk why players now a days use similar server names ,saes rpg-sars RPG ? If you are a scripter creating own game modes then never try to do a similar names of other servers name SARS RPG looks similar to saes RPG pls note this hop you got what I mean to say
  11. Cant change gamemode: gamemode resource could not be started

    Check gameplay folder try to reinstall new MTA folder it works ,if you done any editing then go to map manger.lua376 fix those errors
  12. [Help] connect download to host

    You can use a resources idk weather this resource avaianle in community too ,which I have and I am using it for skins mods means I have a external resource like you said but you need to upload this resource in server ! players need to do /mods so they will get panel of skins ,vehicles,PEDs& veh interiors too they can choose the skins they want and installthose skin! the install mod will use bandwidth of server it will base on the skins you have been install on/ mod resource ,so it will make sure player doesn't download direct from host and when player join host does not rest that resources mb for example if default server is 20 mb the resource which I said is 50 mb itsbase on skins or files you uploaded if it is 100mb even the server will be 20 mb only !when player install ant files from /mods resource the mb will be install on his bandwidth and server only
  13. Need to fix this system every time the check availability will be full then how can we get a chance to pay and be in top? At least update it to top 20 positions please admin not only me many are there who are struggling for there servers to promote and get players it will be help full if you increase 14-20 !!
  14. adding gui function

    hello all i have scripted a command for warehouse but the problem is i want a teleport button for knife arena in my exist guiwindow! client.lua : addCommandHandler( "knife", function( player ) setElementInterior( player, 1, 1401.3, -15, 1000.8 ) -- teleport player to the centre of SA end ) for gui code i dont want to paste here come pm for cilent code of guiwindow,button why i dont want to paste here is members can easy clown my scripts by using my cilentcode!! please help me guys screenshoot ;
  15. minigun disable

    check pm please