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  1. Alright, installed the new nightly version and enabled the diagnostic setting. I will report on this issue when a certain time pasts or if i get the crash again, thank you very much!
  2. Still up with the error, anything new out of the dump ?
  3. Sure, here are the dump files: http://upload.mtasa.com/u/460875006/dumps.zip_ Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey guys, in the last time my Server is crashing all the time after a while. I dont understand where the Problem is.. is it caused by my resource ? Here is the Crash Report: MTA:SA Server v1.5.4-r11305-release crash report. 2017-05-17 22:13 Caught 31 addresses ... Backtrace: #0 - ./x64/core.so(_Z12DumpCallbackRKN15google_breakpad18MinidumpDescriptorEPvb+0xb1) [0x7fdab5c7dc21] #1 - ./x64/core.so(_ZN15google_breakpad16ExceptionHandler12GenerateDumpEPNS0_12CrashContextE+0x3d8) [0x7fdab5c9e888] #2 - ./x64/core.so(_ZN15google_breakpad16ExceptionHandler13SignalHandlerEiP7siginfoPv+0x90) [0x7fdab5c9ec60] #3 - /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0(+0xf890) [0x7fdab6a99890] #4 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN8CElement17CallEventNoParentEPKcRK13CLuaArgumentsPS_P7CPlayer+0x44) [0x7fdab406cd44] #5 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN8CElement9CallEventEPKcRK13CLuaArgumentsP7CPlayer+0x83) [0x7fdab406ceb3] #6 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN26CStaticFunctionDefinitions12TriggerEventEPKcP8CElementRK13CLuaArgumentsRb+0x4b) [0x7fdab416f48b] #7 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN16CLuaFunctionDefs12TriggerEventEP9lua_State+0x269) [0x7fdab41c53d9] #8 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(+0x5c5a9d) [0x7fdab4318a9d] #9 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(+0x5dc428) [0x7fdab432f428] #10 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(+0x5c608d) [0x7fdab431908d] #11 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(+0x5c4d1a) [0x7fdab4317d1a] #12 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(+0x5c6343) [0x7fdab4319343] #13 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(lua_pcall+0x42) [0x7fdab4311be2] #14 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN8CLuaMain5PCallEP9lua_Stateiii+0x89) [0x7fdab41ebd59] #15 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZNK13CLuaArguments4CallEP8CLuaMainRK15CLuaFunctionRefPS_+0xa7) [0x7fdab41b21f7] #16 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN16CMapEventManager4CallEPKcRK13CLuaArgumentsP8CElementS6_P7CPlayer+0x3d0) [0x7fdab40c5af0] #17 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN8CElement15CallParentEventEPKcRK13CLuaArgumentsPS_P7CPlayer+0x56) [0x7fdab406ce06] #18 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN8CElement9CallEventEPKcRK13CLuaArgumentsP7CPlayer+0x6f) [0x7fdab406ce9f] #19 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN5CGame13ProcessPacketER7CPacket+0x13b) [0x7fdab408b96b] #20 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN5CGame19StaticProcessPacketEhRK17NetServerPlayerIDP21NetBitStreamInterfaceP13SNetExtraInfo+0x59) [0x7fdab408baf9] #21 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN16CNetServerBuffer15ProcessIncomingEv+0x13b) [0x7fdab42e7d9b] #22 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN16CNetServerBuffer7DoPulseEv+0x3d) [0x7fdab42e801d] #23 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN5CGame7DoPulseEv+0x146) [0x7fdab4081d96] #24 - /home/mta_dev/x64/deathmatch.so(_ZN7CServer7DoPulseEv+0x3d) [0x7fdab3ffa14d] #25 - ./x64/core.so(_ZN11CServerImpl8MainLoopEv+0xa1) [0x7fdab5c80ca1] #26 - ./x64/core.so(_ZN11CServerImpl3RunEiPPc+0x8c7) [0x7fdab5c81a37] #27 - ./x64/core.so(Run+0x5f) [0x7fdab5c8e3df] #28 - /home/mta_dev/mta-server64() [0x401479] #29 - /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf5) [0x7fdab5ee2b45] #30 - /home/mta_dev/mta-server64() [0x4015c9] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Strange.. Seems to be my fault, could you give me the little snippet from that video please ? I would be thankfull!
  6. Yea I know and I can read. It just faces to north for instance (depends on the coords), but it still moves with the camera. Look up and the image will also rotate up but still facing at north, try it by yourself and you'll see it. You have to make a workaround with getElementMatrix, but I dont know how, thats why Im asking here.
  7. This is only the alignment of the image.. It still rotates with the camera..
  8. Hello dear Forum members, I have some trouble creating a 3D Image Tag in the world. I'm using dxDrawMaterialLine3D and it works fine creating it, but the problem is that the image is rotating with the client cam. I wana set the image fixed, so I can walk around this image without rotatin itself, if you know what I mean. Greeeeetings
  9. Yes, but I imported all functions from the customblips resource into my resource, so its gets the radar positions from the same function, I didnt made the function by my own.
  10. exports.customblips:createCustomBlip(0, 0, 16, 16, "res/images/blips/1.png", 300) createCustomBlip(0, 0, 16, 16, "res/images/blips/1.png", 300) The arguments are the same, the only difference is that, the first function is directly from the customblips resource(exported) and the second function is integrated in my resource But that isnt the answer to my problem, why does it work when the function is called extern ?
  11. Hey guys, I would like to integrate the resource 'customblips' (https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=960) into my custom resource. The thing is, when I use the function inside my resource to create a blip, the blip is successfully created but the position on the radar is just terribly wrong. They rotation of it is not the same as when I use customblips as a extern resource. Whats the problem ? I mean I dont change the functions or anything I just import it in my own custom resource and the blips are already at the wrong radar position, what should I do ?
  12. Good day members of MTA SA, Currently Im working on a selfmade resource (roleplay). Today I noticed that the parachute resource is not working when my resource is running. Everything I get when I parachute is: I cant move and skydive in the air and my parachute doesn't open I had this eventhandler only in 4 files. There were removed out of the meta, but the problem is still remaining. Whats the problem ?
  13. Good day Dear Forum, I was trying to make a little Shader Menu for my server. Now the menu should give you the option two activate two shaders Contrast and Detail shader. Both work fine, but when I activate them at the same time I get errors. If Detail is activated, contrast wont be able to be activated. What is the problem ? I think the textures of Detail are making the errors, but what should i do, that both work at the same time ? This error repeats till I deactivate Detail Shader: Deactivating Detail, activating Contrast, deactivating and activating Detail again brings this error: And here are the script snippets of the errors: c_contrast.lua:146: myScreenSourceFull = dxCreateScreenSource( scx, scy ) c_contrast.lua:169 - 173: dxDrawImage( 0, 0, scx, scy, current1, 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255,255,255,v.MulBlend*255) ) dxDrawImage( 0, 0, scx, scy, current2, 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255,255,255,v.BloomBlend*255) ) -- Draw border texture dxDrawImage( 0, 0, scx, scy, textureVignette, 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255,255,255,v.Vignette*255) ) c_contrast.lua:234: dxSetShaderValue( modulationShader, "sExtraFrom", ExtraFrom ) I think the problem occurs because contrast needs to read the textures but detail has changed them: -- Load textures detail22Texture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/detail22.png', "dxt3") detail58Texture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/detail58.png', "dxt3") detail68Texture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/detail68.png', "dxt1") detail63Texture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/detail63.png', "dxt3") dirtyTexture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/dirty.png', "dxt3") detail04Texture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/detail04.png', "dxt3") detail29Texture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/detail29.png', "dxt3") detail55Texture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/detail55.png', "dxt3") detail35TTexture = dxCreateTexture(path..'media/detail35T.png', "dxt3") Sorry for my bad english. I'd be so thankfull if someone has the solution!!
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