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  1. The reason is that it IS a teamplay game, but there just isn't any objective... There's no reason to play as a team. If robbers had to rob a bank, then yes, people would work together to stop them, and the robbers would work together to rob it. Without an objective, there's no reason to help teammates. Yes, i think if teams had a "mission" to focus on then they wouldnt have the feeling of wanting to kill everything, well at least not always =P
  2. MODS lock this post it is not needed
  3. Nub

    A "quality" game company

    lmfao, it looks like just a cut n' paste screenie to me
  4. Im not sure if there is other servers doing just RP but, i have been messing with my server, not dedicated, i was just trying it out. So it might have been the one i had up.
  5. Exactly, but anyone who says that mta isnt supposed to be a team based game is probably one of those Tk'rs =P
  6. oh no, please your scaring me MODERATOR!!!
  7. lmfao ... i can count about 20 times in game that is directly related to TEAMPLAY! lmfao it even says TEAMPLAY, but noooo its not a TEAMPLAY Based game though, i guess they just like the word
  8. obviously, and you probably dont have the guts to do it.
  9. what was it made for than? (if this question is too much for someone to handle i guess just lock the post, or why dont you just lock the whole forum =P)
  10. So moderator man, i cannot express my opinions on REAL issues but i see you have no problem with things that are not REAL LIFE. lmfao Lets please not start a flame war over things that affect over 200 million people, instead lets have one over vidoe games!!! YES GJ MODS! *"The price of liberty is, always has been, and always will be blood: The person who is not willing to die (or fight) for his liberty has already lost it to the first scoundrel who is willing to risk dying to violate that person's liberty! Are you free?"*
  11. Nub

    A "quality" game company

    wow... crazy that this post didnt get locked =P
  12. Well... I just had a first today! Instead of playing MTA i argued with some guy on political issues for like an hour striaght!!! lmfao!!! Anyone in to politics or world events? How do you guys feel about the things that are occuring? Well... if your man/woman enough to speak your opinions that is. I think the war in iraq was a justified war, i do disagree on some issues but you have to think... you nor the biased news org. know what the president knows, i trust the commander in chief and will continue to do so! VOTE BUSH!!! (WTF NOT ARNOLD!!!)
  13. Alright, but only if theres a server admin playing at that time who actually kicks the buggers who dont RP Oh yes, we would have to have an admin =P
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