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  1. function DestructionDerby:handleFinishActivePlayer(player) local timePassed = self:getTimePassed() local rank = self:getPlayerRank(player) if rank >= 2 then triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"Winner!!!", getPlayerNametagText(player)) triggerEvent("plusz1", player) end finishActivePlayer(player) if rank and rank > 1 then triggerEvent( "onPlayerFinishDD",player,tonumber( rank ) ) end local activePlayers = getActivePlayers() triggerEvent("onPlayerDeadInRace",getRootElement(),rank,player) if #activePlayers == 1 then if (not isMapDM()) then if getResourceState( getResourceFromName( "podium" )) ~= "running" then triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"Winner!!!", getPlayerNametagText(activePlayers[1])) else triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"","") setElementHealth(activePlayers[1],0) end end if getElementModel(getPedOccupiedVehicle(activePlayers[1])) == 425 then setElementHealth(activePlayers[1],0) end triggerEvent( "onPlayerWinDD",activePlayers[1] ) end end i putted in this function, but does not working at all.. :s
  2. I tried trigger from destructionderby.lua, but not solve it the problem.. :s
  3. Client: function winnerMessenger ( text, playerName) win.text = text win.name = playerName removeEventHandler("onClientRender",root,winMsg) addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,winMsg) triggerServerEvent("plusz1", localPlayer, getLocalPlayer) end addEvent("winnerMessage",true) addEventHandler("winnerMessage",getRootElement(),winnerMessenger) Server: function asdasd() if getPlayerRank( source ) ~= 1 then return end local gyozelmek = getElementData(source,"Győzelmek") or 0 setElementData(source, "Győzelmek", gyozelmek + 1 ) givePlayerMoney(source,2) outputChatBox("#FFffFFAmiért megnyerted a kört, kaptál #00FFFF'2' coint!",source,r,g,b,true) end addEvent("plusz1", true) addEventHandler("plusz1", root, asdasd) And when the win msg appear, the setelementdata add 1 win point, and money for everybody.. How to fix this? I want add win point and money only to the winner, not everybody...
  4. I want play songs from youtube, but i don't know how to use a converter to this.. Anyone can send me a WORKING link like this: http://www.convertmp3.io/fetch/?video=..ytlink..? Sorry for my bad english...
  5. i looking for a race gamemode, which have a animation while the countdown run, when 3 then set the camera target before the local player car, when 2 then set the camera target another position... where can i download thi gamemode? or how to make this? sorry for my very-very bad english :c
  6. Where can i download a good inventory script for rp server?
  7. I want a good radar to my server, but i cannot find. And I searched on community, but i cannot find good too.. Anyone can send me a website, or anything from where can i download good radar(s)? Thank you!
  8. i want add this mod: http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/8517-world-trade-center-mod-v0-3/ to my mta server, but i don't know, how to add. :c anyone can help me?
  9. What wrong with this? hudS.bgX = scrX - 60 -- X position of background hudS.bgY = 4 -- Y position of background hudS.bgW = 52 -- background width (img size in pixels) hudS.bgH = 52 -- background height (img size in pixels) hudS.fX = scrX - 275 -- X position of fill hudS.fY = 51 -- Y position of fill hudS.fW = 52 -- fill width (img size in pixels) hudS.fH = 52 -- fill height (img size in pixels) dxDrawImage(hudS.bgX-60, hudS.bgY, hudS.bgW, hudS.bgH, "shield_bg.png") local currHeight2 = 66 / 100 * getPedArmor ( getLocalPlayer() ) dxDrawImageSection(hudS.fX+163, hudS.fY-39, hudS.fW, currHeight2, 0, 0, hudS.fW+65, currHeight+195, "asda.png") and this is the problem: how to fix?
  10. Sorry, but you can send me a 'long-shadow' image about oxygen? I can not find anywhere
  11. thanks and i can add oxygen, and armor?