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  1. local table = { {"1", "2", "3", "4"}, } function asdasdsdasdd() table.insert(table,"5","6","7","8") end What wrong? No errors and warnings in debugscript 3...
  2. All servers have unoptimized scripts?
  3. When i playing MTA:SA, the FPS decrease random with 5-10 FPS and freeze the game a little bit for 1-2 seconds. And this again after 5-10 mins.. my pc more than enough for MTA:SA.. here is my specs: i5-9600K 2x8GB 3200MHz RAM GTX 1070 I tried change the settings in nvidia control panel, in mta settings but didn't help.. I playing MTA in windowed mode without border, if that matters Anyone can help? Sorry for my bad english..
  4. Turbe$Z


    Amit te kliens oldalnak írtál, az a szerver oldal, amit pedig szerver oldalnak, az a kliens oldal. Tehát felcserélted őket.
  5. the 'i' value is = "1 2" Maybe this is the problem.. how to convert this only to 2?
  6. This is the code: local normalScoreGorget = 0 local maxMegjelenit = 1 -------------------- for i, row in pairs(scoreboard_rows) do if (i > normalScoreGorget and elem < maxMegjelenit) then elem = elem + 1 if getElementType(row) == "player" then ---DX things here........ elseif getElementType(row) == "team" then ---DX things here........ end end end end bindKey("mouse_wheel_down", "down", function() if normalScoreGorget < #scoreboard_rows - maxMegjelenit then normalScoreGorget = normalScoreGorget + 1 end end ) bindKey("mouse_wheel_up", "down", function() if normalScoreGorget > 0 then normalScoreGorget = normalScoreGorget - 1 end end ) This is the bug: how can i fix this?.. :s
  7. I created a scoreboard script, and the playerlist working fine, but i dont know how to insert teams, and team players after the playerlist, like in the default scoreboard script.. :s Anyone can help me?
  8. function DestructionDerby:handleFinishActivePlayer(player) local timePassed = self:getTimePassed() local rank = self:getPlayerRank(player) if rank >= 2 then triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"Winner!!!", getPlayerNametagText(player)) triggerEvent("plusz1", player) end finishActivePlayer(player) if rank and rank > 1 then triggerEvent( "onPlayerFinishDD",player,tonumber( rank ) ) end local activePlayers = getActivePlayers() triggerEvent("onPlayerDeadInRace",getRootElement(),rank,player) if #activePlayers == 1 then if (not isMapDM()) then if getResourceState( getResourceFromName( "podium" )) ~= "running" then triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"Winner!!!", getPlayerNametagText(activePlayers[1])) else triggerClientEvent("winnerMessage",resourceRoot,"","") setElementHealth(activePlayers[1],0) end end if getElementModel(getPedOccupiedVehicle(activePlayers[1])) == 425 then setElementHealth(activePlayers[1],0) end triggerEvent( "onPlayerWinDD",activePlayers[1] ) end end i putted in this function, but does not working at all.. :s