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  1. show me that u can hack this proof before u say shit like before! No offence because I know you German and dont speak good english, but wtf are you trying to say?
  2. n00b


    LMAO cheating is against the EULA? You obviously havent read it very well. Tell Rockstar to sue me
  3. hehe its so easy to stop it but im not posting it here cause then it will be exploited instantly.
  4. What dosent kill it will only make it stronger.
  5. n00b

    Suspended Gang

    Pfft. Your not even worth the bother. Every post you make yourself look more stupid. HAH yea there "must" be some headshot thing you dont know about. Ok thats why everyime I see you your bitching at someone saying they cheat. Give it your best (this might be more funny than your other posts) 486F7720626F757420796F75207375636B206D79206469636B2044656174 684220796F7520686F6D6F73657875616C206D6F6E6B6579207261706973743F
  6. n00b

    Suspended Gang

    HAHAHA DeathB you stupid bitch. Your one of the ones that cheats and then you come on here bitching about cheaters :roll::roll: Now hold it right there mr noob. Deathb is not stupid. (Put him in his place, I did) Yes he is, he's a complete and utter moron, he think's he good at MTA so therefore anyone thats better than him "must cheat". Ok that shows how stupid you are and how much you really know. I didnt know these were your forums so wtf makes you think I dont have the right to expose the truth here? I remember you in game, you were the fagg walking around calling every single
  7. n00b

    Suspended Gang

    HAHAHA DeathB you stupid bitch. Your one of the ones that cheats and then you come on here bitching about cheaters :roll::roll:
  8. Are you one of the sad losers that gets consumed by a game? Or you just one of the people who cant mind there own buisiness and have to comment on everything even if nobody at all wants to hear you opinion? I dont give a fu ck what you say, but its ppl like you that make me want to post me trainers all over the net, but due to the respect I have for the MTA team I wouldnt do that.
  9. Just wanted you to know your wrong. The client is harder to crack than the trainer protection. If you knew anything about the MTA client you would know exactly how wrong you are.
  10. I bet you I could stop you quite easily, and the sad thing is your probally using 1 of my hacks.
  11. I am on winxp and I have the disconnecting problem. Whenever a join a server by the time it finishes loading after I click "start multi theft auto" in the game it comes up with disconnected from server in yellow text up the top left of my screen. I have tryed to join alot of servers all with decent pings and it still happens on them all. Anyone know how to fix this?
  12. I have the exact same problem, has anyone found a way to fix this? Thankyou
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