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  1. createWeapon

    What you would do is have a table on the server side, with all the created weapons. When a player join the game, and on creation of the weapon you would use triggerClientEvent() to create the weapon for all clients that do not yet have it. FUrthermore in order to synchronise them you would have to make sure the functions are executed on all clients, this can be done using triggerClientEvent. (If you want to sync from 1 client to all other clients you will have to triggerServerEvent first, and from there on triggerClientEvent to every client (except the original sender)
  2. Some help

    You can use the client side event onClientChatMessage event, and call cancelEvent when the message matches the message you don't want to be output. For sharing data and making calls between resources you could use exports as Enargy stated.
  3. CEF Problem

    The documentation for guiCreateBrowser specifies the 5th argument "isLocal" is required to be set to true if the page you are loading is from a local file. You set this to false meaning you can only load public websites, not local files. Change this to true and it should work just fine.
  4. progress bar doesnt change

    Also if you write elseif as one word you will only need one end to end your entire if statement.
  5. Mods Download

    You have to make your engineLoadTXD and engineLoadDFF functions get called after the download is finished. Also you really would not want to restart hte resource when the player logs in since that restarts it for all players, meaning all mods get unloaded and reloaded.
  6. help

    Weapons use weapon slots, the M4 and AK are in the same slot. And so are the pistol and the deagle, the issue is you can only have one weapon per slot. For info on the weapons and their respective slots check the wiki.
  7. TOP mysql
  8. Mysql question

    I believe this is actually SQLlite, not mySQL. But there's no real difference regarding your question. ON line 3 you output the result of the query using toJSON, toJSON is what makes it output in that way. In order to output it like you want you would have to use a loop. for id,row in ipairs(members) do outputChatBox(row.member_account) end More information about this can be found here