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  1. Great work boss.... but have you any decompilied version... please there are some bugs have this resource
  2. Reaper

    [HELP]GUI Window

    did you make the vip panel... can i pm you?? of my problem??
  3. Reaper

    [HELP] VIP Panel

    yeaa.. thank you bro...
  4. Reaper

    [HELP]GUI Window

    clientside or server side code or both
  5. Reaper

    [HELP] VIP Panel

    no i didn't steal script.. nexus is the up loader of decompilied resource... then i just get after he uploading.. not steal...
  6. i have some help panel in my server.. the question is.. after player death, he can't get help panel again, until resource restart.. and i bind this panel for key.. please help to resolve it.. Thank you
  7. Hey, Can anyone help me to add some weapons, skins to this VIP panel.. Original owner is Nexus.. Compiled Version - CLIENTSIDE DECOMPILED CODE: SERVERSIDE DECOMPILED CODE: VEHICLES.XML: META: <meta> <info author="Nexus" name="VIP System" type="script" version="1.0.1" /> <script src="Client.luac" type="client" /> <script src="vehicles.xml" type="client" /> <file src="VIP.png" /> <script src="Server.luac" type="server" /> </meta> Can anyone help me to add some weapons, skins to this VIP panel..(ok with adding those skins weapons to Vehicle list) i hope its useful you guys also.. Thanks...
  8. Hey bro.. this is best script..... but can we add weapons and skins to list of vehicles... please help
  9. Hey, anyone can give some rank hierarchy with rank points.. for example - Newbie - 25points , Member 50points and etc.. like that.. Thanks very much
  10. Reaper


    in one command, open all grages at the same time.. can we open only one garage what we want at one time
  11. Thanks you very much guys.. i'll try it and tell what is the progress....
  12. Hey, Can anyone give good gate or garage resource to freeroam server.. plz it can be open/ close all garages or all gates... i tried some resources.. but its not working properly.. Thanks you very much
  13. Yea bro.. it's working Thank you very much