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  1. Quit? lol, god i hope not, with all the improvements, modifications that they have created I can't imagine that they'd be done after they released BLUE, releasing that just scratches the surface of MTA and what, with a little coding know how you can do.
  2. You guys do know your like 6 months past April fools right?
  3. Magus

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    Regardless of which you pick, I'd like to thank everyone on the MTA team and everyone that has tested and aided to the development of it. Personally, I believe that it should be a server option between the two. I know it will take lots of work and probably wouldn't happen but think of how many people will be able to have a server dedicated for it. Smaller servers could handle option 1 while massive, souped up ones could handle option 2. While a server running Opt. 1 could pick the island of their choice for a smaller arena, a server running 2 could have a massive arena where the chaos know
  4. Yeah, well, I guess its your fault you can only kill your bro.
  5. What? Didn't I say use english? Shouldn't that be, "make it sound like you have finished high school."?
  6. Theres something extremely wrong with someone living in nashville and acts like he's snoop. Can you please edit your post and poll so its in english, instead of bad english?
  7. Go ahead lock it. it's bound to be anyways. You're a douche kfg, plain and simple. Get over me going off topic, and get you're panties unbunched.
  8. Depends, good thing about DSL you're pretty much guaranteed a certain speed, but its considerably lower than cable, yet cable, your guaranteed a connection....speed on the other hand, can be spastic. I pick cable though.
  9. KFG is just another lamer who gets upset when someone makes a post when it goes a little off topic. It's bound to happen, its a message board. Get over it.
  10. Funny you're telling me that I am a retard, You're poor use of the english language shows that you're the only one here that is lacking in knowledge. I think any name stealing or identity theft should be a immediate ban, no questions asked.
  11. Owned as I meant you look like an idiot. At least in my point of view You should have specified to explain your vote in a post.
  12. The whole password thing is directly related to name stealing, its offering up ways to prevent name stealing. Going off topic would be something like, I like cake donuts with chocolate frosting on top, what about you? Duh. I believe thats why you put a poll on the thread. If my post offends you, forgive me, I took an extra dose of smartass today.
  13. I think if any of the weapons, except illegal ones, should be toned down, it should be the spas. Yes I know that, thats how its in the game and it shouldn't be changed, or stop whining because they left it in and it kills. I think the rate of fire should be slowed down a bit, either that, or increase the speed of people getting up from getting knocked down. Someone who gets knocked down, can watch helplessly as their enemy calmly walks up to them and gets in position while you slowly crawl up and then stand, *BOOM* your dead. I think if anything knocked down players should be granted Sanct
  14. Well the first tribes used a logon also. It was less used though. You'd put your name and your pass in the 'other' category and the server took that, and added your name and pass to their server user list.
  15. Well hopefully if they put that in, they will put in a loop in their code to go through and check their ping, so as if their ping is over a certain amount for an amount of time(lets say 1 min.) then they will be kicked. At the midpoint(for the example of 1 min.; 30 sec.) they will be warned, either in the chatbox or like a motd kind of thing. In addition I would like to see a ping indicator somewhere on the hud. ping <200=green 200 < 400 yellow and anything higher red, whichever that amount, decided by the server is what it checks for warn, kick, etc. But thats just my suggestion, a
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