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  1. This is one of the best scripts I've seen in a long time I have a few suggestions: - The light from the lamp posts illuminate the player even in the daytime - Could you add an option to disable the activation message? And some method to disable the script or activate it by scripting - How about in daytime the sunlight illuminates the player? I think it would look great
  2. Another great tool! I don't have much knowledge about programming but I think the 2 most important things would be: 1) That they can't decrypt the files, on MTA forum I have seen several post with tips to create a secure encrypter. For example using "keys" in server side or something like that. 2) That the load does not have too much impact on the PC of the players. And avoid problems like this.
  3. Latest release, no problem at all. Although I only used the script on my local server It would be great, it's a small problem but in certain situations it causes a lot of annoyance
  4. This script is amazing , I had been wanting to create new things for a while but the limitations and bugs of the bone_attach they made it difficult for me. I just have a question, it's possible to fix this little bug? Objects attached to a skin don't keep the brightness of that skin. I think it's a MTA limitation but I mention it in case it has a solution. Pics about the issue: ( The head is a custom object exported with Normals ) Same here, 12:00 PM, the collision surface affect the skin brightness but not the parachute attached
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