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  1. mr.holasi

    Unban me!

    I will not sharing a virus again Because i banned so long time, that will not happen agian i promise you, and i learned from my mistake, and i remove all my program rat and the host My brother play mta in another pc I love this game and I played it a lot, I am very sorry for my mistake please give me another chance
  2. mr.holasi

    Unban me!

    hello, i have permanent ban from MTA servers so long time because i send link to my friend in the chat can you unban me now please i have banned a very long duration , I will not send anything again and i have learned from my mistake. my Serial: DC2E7C5E3D7B1719E9B2EBFECE566694
  3. يعطيك العافيه بس سؤال بسيط هل اقدر ادخل معي ناس في الماب اتدور ؟ وكيف الطريقه
  4. Hello , how to add this command /sv in my server ??