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  1. Good answer hahaha You should.
  2. Awesome! Looks so perfect and professional! I will play it later! For sure, sir!
  3. Gimme your opinion

    Maybe with FPV looks better.
  4. waoowoawaowoaowaaaaaaaaooo!! Alpha server!!! I can't right now! I'm working! :O this :~ I hope play it as soon as I can! I love you, bro!!!!!! Regards from México!!!
  5. [Survival,PvP] The Division [ENGLISH]

    Hey Dude! Good project! I'm Working on my "The Division Project" too. Good luck!
  6. [OFFERING] Scripting Services [Non-Paid]

    Hey guy, can you help me with my Server project? I would like make something like a "The division" Game.
  7. Please I'm looking for some scripter with experience. I'll pay for it. Thank you.
  8. Hey, dude! Awesome, really looks like my dreams! I would like support paying the host or something like that. please let me know if you need something.
  9. Welcome Server Status- This is my first server and I had working on it since 6 moths ago, actually the map it's 60% completed, I'm working on char custom and I would like add weapon custom too but just I'am begginer scripter but I'll try. The sever it's not running but I hope that this months will able. Description- he server will count as I mentioned before, customizable characters, level system, customizable weapons, vip system, bots, safe zones, for now the map is only available in a small part of Grove street as the number of users grows , You will be disrobing more areas to explore more areas and look for prizes. For now I do not have much to say because I am new to this and I would just like to know if they have any advice or any questions, Thanks. UPDATES! HUD UPDATED! JOIN US TO DISCORD : https://discord.gg/CDxxCx