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  1. High pingers benefit from their lag... weird isnt it. Its the 56kers who get the most kills which i think is kinda funny.. also the coding is not perfect yet..
  2. Maybe its because you 56kers are the reason people cant get kills because you warp around and are out of sync... itsweird that the players iwth the good connections cant kill the 56kers, its vice versa.. sigh.. hope it gets fixed.
  3. Recently i have been randomly dropping out of VC because of MTA.. and i dont know why.. NOW it restarted my computer in the middle of the game.. and when it gets to the desktop.. IT restarts again!!! and it keeps cycling.. i cant even get onto my desktop!! SOMONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT! i dunno what is goin on, but i know MTA caused it.
  4. manual doesnt help very much... I start the server exec, then what i let it run?? do i join my own ip?? or how do i get into the game?? -ps: when you say config tool, what config tool? The only sub items in my MTA is ->server,client readme,manual,mta client, uninstall.. By the simplicity that people talk about how to start a server, and how the manual explains it.. i think im missing a file or something..because i dont even have a config tool.. well thanks for taking your time to help me and i hope someone can help this nub out
  5. Could somone show me a step by step process of how to start a lan game with VC?? or a server on the net. thank you, i have been trying to do all the shit the faq sais like disable ASE reporting... and i dunno how to get it started!
  6. well there is for my MTA .. its RMB.. and also i cant turn my man around with my mouse.. how would i bind it to do that?
  7. cool, ill try that.. maybe aiming with my hands will do it.... the auto aim feature for me was RMB. maybe it isnt ynked... and also i saw a couple guys swimming towards me as well.. lol
  8. I have been playing in many a server, and in each and everyone i cannot "hurt", by that i mean shoot and hurt another player.. they tell me im not aiming at them. but im auto aiming... and ive asked other players about this and they have experienced it as well. Athlon1800XP G3ti500 512DDr 40gMaxtor 7200rpm 500kps Cable... so i dont think its my conn or my machine.
  9. Ya i get that too, except i get it in every game.. no matter how much i shoot the guys they arent affected.. they say im not "aiming" at them.. but my auto aim is right on them.. point blank. and i have above 256kps cable.. so its not my lag.. my ping is usualyy 30-60 in servers.. Not in one server have i killed a player yet because of this? must be bug?
  10. cool, gotta get my cd, msg me on aim.
  11. I just got vice city, yet i had GTA3 installed with my all seeing eye.. my question is, how do i add VC to my ASE list!?
  12. As ive figured not many play mta for gta3, but im still stumped on how to make a lan game? can someone enlighten me. thanks. ps-i already know to disable ase reporting, and i tried launching.. but it wont launch?
  13. well i dont feel like forking out 60$ to buy vice city... thats why.. my aim name is Genocide604.. aim me if you wanna play GTA3 mta.
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