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  1. Hello there, i'm sometimes expecting strange things happening about memory, so i have a few questions about it. 1. How much RAM and video-memory MTA may use? Feel's like there is some limits, cause it's just falls into "NOT ENOUGHT MEMORY" crash even using ~half of it. So i just want to know, how much memory MTA may use without overloading? What's the limits? 2. Is there a way to clean memory used by "dxDrawImage" function? I mean, memory is being used by images even when they are won't being shown. 3. How's MTA works with custom models? Seem's like every single model/texture loads directly into RAM, forever, is there a way to avoid this? Maybe a streamer that kinda unload models from RAM if they are too far away from player, or something?
  2. Ow, thank you very much. That's just what i was looking for :> So i think that topic is solved from now.
  3. Is there a way to create a resource, which will show some pictures/tips during player is loading resource files (on first join)?
  4. Hello there. Is there a way to avoid inheritance of transparency and colors when replacing texure? Some example: Vehicle is painted red, and when i'm replacing it's texture - images used on it inherit the colors and transparency of original texture. UPD: The same thing happens with glass. When i'm trying to put an image on the windscreen - it becomes transparent.
  5. Извиняюсь за некропостинг, однако столкнулся с той же проблемой. guiSetProperty(gridlist,"ColumnsMovable","False") Эта функция абсолютно ничего не изменяет. Колонки так же можно свободно передвигать, ломая этим весь список. Есть ли способы разрешить эту проблему?
  6. Hello there. I've seen that some people selling their resource with closed code and IP-binding. So you can run this resource only on the server which is running on defined IP address. And well, those resources is not requiring an ACL right's to check the server current IP, so they're somehow getting it without any callRemote() functions. And my question is: how do i get the server current IP address without calling any remote requests? Or maybe, is there any other way to prevent resource from starting on differ PC's?
  7. Nope. This function returns just an array with NAMES of vehicle components, not the certain elements. And the question is how to set texture alpha, not a component.
  8. Is there a way to set some texture alpha by the shader? For example: i have a vehicle model, and i want to make some texture on it invisible.
  9. Decro


    Try this: setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( "crosshair", false ) -- removes the original crosshair addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, function () if getControlState("aim_weapon") then if getPedTargetStart(localPlayer) then local sx, sy, sz = getPedTargetEnd(localPlayer) local cx,cy = getScreenFromWorldPosition(sx,sy,sz) dxDrawImage(cx-10,cy-10,10,10,"crosshair.png") dxDrawImage(cx,cy,10,10,"crosshair.png",180) end end end) But i think that using full crosshair image is pretty easier then drawing 2 half-cut parts
  10. Thank's a lot. I'm not using ratio Y just to keep image original ratio(by multiplying both sizes to similiar value). Course if you'r trying to draw some square on 16:9 - you would get an rectangle on 4:3, image loses own shapes and proportions this way
  11. eh, i'm not looking for a way to BLUR something. I'm trying to fix images LOSING QUALITY when drawn on a screen with resolutions. Just look at the screenshots inside spoiler.
  12. It seems to me that you misunderstood me. I'm talking about the images "losing quality", become's a bit blurred or something like this on low screen resolutions. Is there a way to fix this?
  13. Hello there. I'm trying to create some relative UI, but any elements drawn by dxDrawImage() function becomes blurred on lower resolutions. How to avoid it? Code: scx,scy = guiGetScreenSize() px = scx/1920 function draw() dxDrawImage(300*px,300*px,256*px,256*px,"image.png") end
  14. You can also try this function: setVehiclePanelState
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