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  1. well, I can't login, I was trying, registered already like 3 accounts after using the 'contact us' and still can't login. Lampard, have you got any solution for this?
  2. any releasing date, or thinking in a month to release it?
  3. Well, I would like to haev a alpha key, I really enjoy to watch Rust videos but since I have no money to buy the game, I just watch videos, so I would like to try it in MTA, I know it's going to be really interesting and enjoyable. I've played in some servers that I had to 'survive' like DayZ. I own ARMA II which I play with DayZ mod, and I'm good at it, says me. So yea, I'm really, really, excited to try it out
  4. Totally agreed. I've been following this server since January( before the BETA ) etc... from BETA to the official Release, they changed alot of things and fixed alot of bugs too. They're a great team which are doing something very unique, this server should even get more players, more than 250 or 150/ per day...
  5. is this still in development? Do you have an exact release date ? I would love to play it! I play Arma II DayZ MOD and I like it, so I would like to try in MTA and also your server
  6. so... what do I do? Any suggestion?
  7. I can start them by console... anyways help with this please? http://imgur.com/a/Jt5BR
  8. add this line to acl.xml underneath inside admin group: <object name="user.yourNickname"></object> that's what I've done... but it seems not to be working
  9. again.. use "/debugscript 3" before clicking spawn, and post the errors if any I have a problem... when I login with my account ingame I cant' access admin panel, and I have added it to acl
  10. started everything, no problems... but ingame, this is what happens: http://imgur.com/ihM317u and I can't spawn...
  11. got some news! ( bad news ) Now when I was starting every script, the script GTIcnr made this http://imgur.com/VHF9CAY
  12. You have got some resources with the same name, so they will not work. Yea I saw that now and working on that right now, I'll give more news in some mins.
  13. so I copied everything that was in the folders and put it "alone" with their own things, but now it seems to be all there but 20 failed... look at this http://imgur.com/GVsXfKD
  14. never tried to do that, since I don't know a lot of that... Let me try now
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