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  1. - MOVE LEFT: left arrow - MOVE RIGHT: right arrow - MOVE UP: up arrow, pedal thortle (on foot) - MOVE DOWN: down arrow, pedal brake (on foot) - PULL FRONT WHEEL UP: pedal brake - PUSH FRONT WHEEL DOWN: pedal thortle - HANDBRAKE: space - GET ON/OFF MOTORCYCLE: enter pedals are very good to use, dont have to hit "PUSH FRONT WHEEL DOWN" button all the time and you can adjust the wheelie
  2. its no cheating in DM mode, but in stunt mode its all different, why there even is helis in stunt, there is like no stunts that u can do whit heli
  3. u can do the same thing whit ME (start own server), but i have heard that ppl are playing MTA:VC whit ME, so what is so special in those ME
  4. well, i didnt introduse it to those Tilt.tv people, so they maeby find it out by they selves put this realy boosts MTA, or at least finish servers
  5. yea, in game shows that would realy boost up MTA, even more greter would be if it could be part of new GTA's.
  6. So, today in here Finland tv gaming program called Tilt.tv introduced MTA:VC to all Tilt.tv watchers. MTA:VC got 8 in review. - bugs and netcode - no traffic - slow tempo + two fun game modes + lots of game company heres the link for the review http://www.tilt.tv/index.php?path=3/1/1&arvosteluid=668 its in finish, so most of u dont know what it says, but still check it out.
  7. I have allready started gang where all bikers and street racers are welcom. If i understand it correctly, if some one gets beat up by someone from other gang, then whole gang goes and beats up the other gang! => gang fight that never stops tell me if i am wrong
  8. I got the same problem, i am using win me, this happens with every server where i connect, except my own, i use ase.
  9. no to kill, just scare the shit out of them I would like to see someone whit car or bike, when 10 bikers are following him/her (panic) Thats riding around
  10. yeah but broadways are the future , in future they are history, there should be version for modem users and broadway users
  11. Yeah, you said it. It could be hun to watch how people react
  12. I have just submit gang named Vice City Street Racers #1 on http://gangs.flashfx.net everyone who is interested is welcome to join the gang!!
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