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  1. fetchRemote

    Thank you, how did you got this link? the problem was to find the name of the song via fetchRemote.. not to hear the music, and not to find the name via a command, I just wanted to learn how to use fetchRemote cause I found almost nothing on google
  2. fetchRemote

    Ill try that out, thanks. but there still a option to do that with fetchRemote? I wanna learn how to use this function
  3. fetchRemote

    Hi, I'm having problems with understanding about fetchRemote and I can't find anything about what I want in the internet. I'm trying to get the song that playing in a online radio website: http://www.181.fm/player/?station=181-power I have tried to check if i can get a song with this command and its not working (the song was Alone (Clean)) and its not working, please help? fetchRemote("http://player.181fm.com/?station=181-power", 2, 5000, function(responseData, errno) if errno == 0 then local sfind, efind = string.find(responseData, "Alone (Clean)") -- outputChatBox(string.sub(responseData, sfind-100, sfind+100)) if sfind ~= nil then outputChatBox("YES") else outputChatBox("no") end end outputChatBox(errno..", "..string.len(responseData)) end, "", true) Thanks for helpers!!
  4. tunnels from samp

    Thank you!!
  5. tunnels from samp

    Please help??
  6. tunnels from samp

    I have tried to take an object (the tunnels) from SAMP, and its working but with some issues.. When I load the object its working but there is no glass, I searched about that on google and found nothing but this video that he succeeded to do that. someone knows why this is happaning and how to fix it?? The guy's video: Whats happaning on my server: Thanks for helpers!!
  7. Backup server

    Yes! That what I meant for, thank you. BTW, there is an option to open this file and change things in the users? Like to change someone's password..
  8. Backup server

    Hi, If I use addAccount() on my server, can I see it's saved file manually? How can I backup users?
  9. a text converter with variables

    I dont wanna make it, I ask if somebody knows about program that does it.. It is very useful and I'm sure someone thought about that and made it.. and its not about reversing it, its about chaning the variables so it will be in your platform
  10. a text converter with variables

    Hey, someone knows a program that I can change text with variables?, I mean for example if I got: haha = 1,5,QQQ hah4a = 4,5,Qss h1aha = 3,5,QDa haasdha = 2,5,QVV ha = 1,7,QQw h11aha = 1,2,Qfd hah00a = 1,1,gfdgQ hahaazzza = 3,5,oooo so I can paste it in a box, and tell the program I want it to change it from - {Variable1} = {Variable2},{Variable3},{Variable4} ---> {Variable4}, {Variable3}, {Variable2}, {Variable1}. and it will print me out this: QQQ, 5, 1, haha Qss, 5, 4, hah4a QDa, 5, 3, h1aha ... ... .. . . . You understand me... Thanks for helpers!!
  11. check if command is not exist

    how do I check if a command that a player wrote is not exist? i want to do something like this: if someone writing a command that not exist like akakaksl it will print him: "the command akakaksl is not exist". thanks for helpers
  12. problem because other servers

    I think, and when I have connected to my server, one object(that created with createObject) removed his collision (I could walk through it, but other players don't). I've tried to restart the gamemode - nothing, unless I close the game and running it again, nothing works
  13. problem because other servers

    Hello, I have a issue that if someone entered a server (not my server) and this server put in his skin a helmet for example. if he connect my server, the helmet stays and he will see it in my server too... or if the server disable collision to an object, its staying without collision in my server too... how to fix that?
  14. disable f-e on high numbers

    when i do outputChatBox(50000000000000000000000) its print 5e+22 instend of 50000000000000000000000. how to fix that? I've tried tostring() and tonumber() but its not working..
  15. [Questions] Two questions

    I know there is a lot of converters, but its kind annoying when I just need to put about two objects, and I have to save it as a new resource of map, and open the .map file, and put it in a converter...