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  1. as long as it's related to roads then you can put a suggestion
  2. V2 Has been releeased: Changelog: - Fixed Texture glitches: - In IGS ( idlewood gas station ) - Other textures - Added small entrance in the blue LS building beside cityhall that is usually used as a DMV - Fixed collision glitches caused in some tunnels like LS tunnel under the observatory, and SF tunnel after the red bridge.
  3. Added an update to fix those issues, plus a LOD so roads don't show as removed when you go far
  4. New version has came out with new road fixes.
  5. only major intersections in LS atm, but i will add new ones if someone suggests them to me i was an RP server owner and i had a major problem with intersections, but like you said it can be for anyone.
  6. Hello, Today i want to show you roads fixes i made for roleplay server that suffer car damages when trying to go to the opposite road and get over the sidewalk or have to go in the opposite side of the road to get to their destination faster. IMAGES DOWNLOAD
  7. Mr.Solo

    Server list spam

    Report of fake server Fake server mtasa:// Real server ( Development ) : mtasa://
  8. سلام عليكم. اريد ان اضع درس لطريقة حذف اعلام مركز المدينة في لوس سانتوس اللذي يعاني من مشكلة عدم تمكن من الكشف على ايدي المجسم في map editor صورة العلم اسم المجسم : LAcityhallTrans_LAn ايدي المجسم : 4003 كيف تحذف المجسم : local MapName = "اسم الماب" 1- اذهب الى ملف الماب اين يقع الماب اللذي تريد حذف مجسم العلم منه في معضم الأوقات : C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\<MapName>\ ادا لم يتم تغييره في التنصيب 2- .map ادخل الى ملف الماب وابحث عن ملف اللذي اسمه ينتهي بـ
  9. Hello, just wanted to give a simple gift to many people who keep having a problem with the LS CityHall flag to either replace it, or delete it from the Map and make a new LS CityHall for MTA. or change the flag texture as the Map Editor doesn't detect it. the same as many other objects. so i am giving you a way to fix this problem. i can make a tutorial if you guys want on how to remove other undetected objects. Object name : LAcityhallTrans_LAn Object model : 4003 HOW TO : 1- go to the map file that has the CityHall Map usually at : C:\Program F
  10. Mr.Solo

    Server list spam

    i would like to report a fake server using our name : Real server IP : ( turned off for maintenance ) Fake server IP: mtasa:// more proof, search first ip on youtube.
  11. Mr.Solo

    Voice Chat

    for the love of god MTA Team, when can you be like FiveM and both improve the voice chat system and let people change the voice chat bind, in my french keyboard key Z is the walk button, and i don't want to talk when i WALK,. more than that, voice chat should have local chat voice option like in FiveM, instead of needing to script it, it should be default. so please please fix this issue and improve on the voice chat so it can be the normal way to speak on MTA like in FiveM. people are using TeamSpeak and Discord to speak to each other. why not do that in MTA with option to change from Global
  12. has anyone found a way to make this, why can't MTA have a good Local Voice chat like in FiveM for roleplay purposes,
  13. Hey, i am interested in JStreamer ability to stream objects from very far away, but instead of loading a whole map is it possible to make it load a couple of building mods or other models from long distances without deleting the whole map. If so is it possible to show me how, and i really appreciate it, thanks @CodyJ(L) i ask this because so far i have found no way to load models from far away, or replace LOD or something because of limitations, but i saw the Vice City mod that had amazing streaming and loading objects from far away
  14. anyone here has the link of the bugged gamemode?
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