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  1. Mr.Solo

    Server list spam

    i would like to report a fake server using our name : Real server IP : ( turned off for maintenance ) Fake server IP: mtasa:// more proof, search first ip on youtube.
  2. Mr.Solo

    Voice Chat

    for the love of god MTA Team, when can you be like FiveM and both improve the voice chat system and let people change the voice chat bind, in my french keyboard key Z is the walk button, and i don't want to talk when i WALK,. more than that, voice chat should have local chat voice option like in FiveM, instead of needing to script it, it should be default. so please please fix this issue and improve on the voice chat so it can be the normal way to speak on MTA like in FiveM. people are using TeamSpeak and Discord to speak to each other. why not do that in MTA with option to change from Global to Local and find new methods to improve on the voice system so it can be better and smoother. Thanks
  3. Mr.Solo

    Local voice chat

    has anyone found a way to make this, why can't MTA have a good Local Voice chat like in FiveM for roleplay purposes,
  4. Hey, i am interested in JStreamer ability to stream objects from very far away, but instead of loading a whole map is it possible to make it load a couple of building mods or other models from long distances without deleting the whole map. If so is it possible to show me how, and i really appreciate it, thanks @CodyJ(L) i ask this because so far i have found no way to load models from far away, or replace LOD or something because of limitations, but i saw the Vice City mod that had amazing streaming and loading objects from far away
  5. anyone here has the link of the bugged gamemode?
  6. Looking For Lead Developer with experience in leading and management, and ofcourse a history in Development in MTA. at least 5years experience. recommended that he/she has worked in big servers, ofcourse the Developer will be paid for his work and get a share of donations when the server is released For a FULL YEAR , Share and payment depends on the effort and seriousness and will get rewarded for the great work as bonuses. Thanks. PAYMENT METHODS paypal, bitcoin, exmo, advcash, perfect money..etc
  7. please contact me in discord and we can talk about this.
  8. EDIT, We decided to make everything from scratch. we are not going to use anything From OWL or any other Leaked Source. MORE ABOUT THE SERVER HERE
  9. BusinessLife Roleplay English Server Hello, We are looking for 3 Experienced Scripters / Developers to make a new server which is about Business Life, The server is based on NYC, Where people can be Businessmen and Businesswomen, The Server will be made in top of OWL like Platform at first, then will be integrated to a new platform. the reason why we use OWL platform is to cut time and until we start getting some Money. to afford making a new system. Things to expect Making A unique stock market script. VIP System. Land System ( will be like the sims ( buying a land and build your house on it ) ) Forums and a synced site with the server. New Jobs Bank system ( with loans ) -- The Current Platform will have unique exports and scripts that will have to be edited. Contact Discord MrSolo#7742
  10. Hey, so i was searching for the best MTA lookalike for GTA V, first i thought it was FiveM but the max slots it has is 32slots, even tho FiveM is better because it easier to make scripts as it uses .lua too, but it doesn't give the experience of MTA, so i found RAGE MP, not only it has +32slots which can get to 2000player slots, but it has freeroams and even local server same as MTA which you can start by server.exe, and here are some SS to show you how it's freeroam looks like, Tell me what do you think
  11. STOCK MARKET Current Features [v1.0.0]: - Buy Stocks and sell them. - Stock price changes randomly every minute!, you can edit how fast by your self!. - Stocks are stored in database by Serial so you won't need account. - You can change each company's name and percentage! example -- Name, Company start money, Lower percent change, Upper percent change {"Los Santos Bank ", 3000, 0.995, 1.01}, Notes: - When you restart the script the price goes back as it started! - Simple Gui - This script was made by @Mr.Loki ! that sexy bastard! Screenshots: Download - if you have any suggestions or bugs tell em to @Mr.Loki ! i hope u like this ! take care ladies!
  12. المهم اجربه واكيد ماخد السكريب قبل مادفع
  13. مو تسليم يعني تعطيني السكريبت بس يعني على الأقل اعرف انه شغال مو بس gui ولا شي