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  1. Best MTA lookalike for GTA V

    Hey, so i was searching for the best MTA lookalike for GTA V, first i thought it was FiveM but the max slots it has is 32slots, even tho FiveM is better because it easier to make scripts as it uses .lua too, but it doesn't give the experience of MTA, so i found RAGE MP, not only it has +32slots which can get to 2000player slots, but it has freeroams and even local server same as MTA which you can start by server.exe, and here are some SS to show you how it's freeroam looks like, Tell me what do you think
  2. [REL] Stock Market | Buy & Sell Stocks!

    any suggestions u bastards lol!
  3. STOCK MARKET Current Features [v1.0.0]: - Buy Stocks and sell them. - Stock price changes randomly every minute!, you can edit how fast by your self!. - Stocks are stored in database by Serial so you won't need account. - You can change each company's name and percentage! example -- Name, Company start money, Lower percent change, Upper percent change {"Los Santos Bank ", 3000, 0.995, 1.01}, Notes: - When you restart the script the price goes back as it started! - Simple Gui - This script was made by @Mr.Loki ! that sexy bastard! Screenshots: Download - if you have any suggestions or bugs tell em to @Mr.Loki ! i hope u like this ! take care ladies!
  4. المهم اجربه واكيد ماخد السكريب قبل مادفع
  5. مو تسليم يعني تعطيني السكريبت بس يعني على الأقل اعرف انه شغال مو بس gui ولا شي
  6. سلام عليكم محتاج مبرمج يسويلنا شوية مودات حصرية لسيرفر EconomyLife مقابل 10$ يسوي 3 سكريبتات محترفه على حسب طلبي ورغباتي والدفع بعد التسليم اللي يبي يتطوع يقولنا وشكرا
  7. Luxury Mansion Mod [ ISLAND ]

    This mod was imported from GTA SA by me! Original Creator of this map is : Diego4Fun Please support me to make more mods! next map probably going to be Vice City! if you want this mod fully working with working water in the pool i can for 2$ paypal!
  8. Make MTA Show Crash error!

    First no my laptop dosn't freeze! as i open MTA in windowed mod!i only see it turn white ( freeze ) and yes it happens to everyone! and i haven't told anyone to try it but i will now!
  9. Make MTA Show Crash error!

    i"m in laptop at windows 10! i tried creating debug.txt in MTA dir and when game freeze i pressed all keys! and even got keyboard and kept pressing CTRL + CTRL and nothing happend and the debug.txt is empty! i think something is wrong!
  10. Make MTA Show Crash error!

    @Dutchman101 u closed my other topic without answering my question! please do!
  11. Make MTA Show Crash error!

    Hello i was wondering if there is way when MTA Freezes you can make it crash to see the reason why! or to show crash error! i saw @ccw somewhere saying like you have to press CTRL or something untill it crashes! please help me! thanks
  12. اخي طريقة تواصل الحالية هي تواصل داخلي اي الخاص وشكرا
  13. [Show] Luxury Appartment Map

    Here is my luxury map of appartment retextured!
  14. سلام عليكم اليوم ابي اوريكم شقة فخمة الماب اخدني اسبوع اكمله شوفوا الشقة فيها مسبح كبير و شقتين ومع جراج وبوابة كبيرة برا الماب حصريا للبيع بـ 2 دولار بايبال فقط ولمشتري واحد مع الصور
  15. Hey so i have made this Map this week! it's an extension of an older map i have made long time ago!, and i want to know what you think about it! and i'm starting new project that we will make you maps for homes like this or whatever you want for 2$ please rate me from 0/10! can wait to see what you guys think!