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  1. your gta sa is moded ? if yes try to get normal one or dalette all installed mods
  2. as he say juste find an unused skin with another one using txd work shop juqte find the skin (unused) and replace his .txd and .dff by the new one save and go to your game and tou wiil find it
  3. Forlax


    This support chat its only with english you can check other language
  4. if you to juste test your script its easy juste run mta server and go to mta local then connect you dont need to open port open ports its only if you want to make your server in internet i mean to give server for everyone to conect to it then youhave 2 way 1-Cheek google and search for your router (how to open ports in it ) 2-Contact your ISP and explaint to them your situation and they wiil give you some solutions
  5. Forlax

    Help MTA Dayz

    i think your graphical card is bad and cant read mta map fast that why anyway try to decrease graphical option from mta setings and use an game boster to boost your game and tell me if your probleme is fixed after that
  6. Forlax

    Weird Ping Problem

    1. Try checking speed and ping from If ping is high, as compared to yours country mates playing game, contact your ISP, tell them to reset your modem and then make new settings, this way, most of rubbish will be cleaned from network connection (unless it isn't some physical issue like abnormal wire connection). 2. Try restarting your router and close other programs opened in background. 3. Give your MTA SA the access threw your firewall, Go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall then press on " Allow a program or a feature through windows firewall 4. Try running your MTA as an administrator by right clicking on MTA icon > Properties > Compatibility and ticking " Run this program as an administrator 5. Decrease your graphics quality at Esc > Settings > Video. 6. Make sure you have updated your MTA, Press Esc > Settings > Advanced > Click on "Check for update now" 7. Bring your modem closer to your PC. 8. Use anti-malware programs, also use CCleaner to clean your PC. 9. Set a Password to your wireless network may someone hijack you wifi ( Connected to your network and downloading ) 10. If there is a user from your family connected to your wireless network tell him to stop downloading , opening streaming website , Also Updating programs cause whenever they use your connection for downloading etc... the debit coming to your PC will be useless , low so that will be automatically losing packets and your ping will be high. 11. Check for any other hidden programs using the network and terminate it. (Alt + Ctrl + Delete > Task Manager) 12. Try closing antivirus while playing. 13. Restart your router setting.
  7. bro the probleme its not from MTA the probleme its in your country ISP ( IN EGYPTE ) all there have the same probleme so you can try using vpn to connect to CIT this is the only way or wait tiil the probleme is fixed
  8. ok tanks for your helping i wiil search for that to get more info
  9. Hello guys i see some guys doing some signature for player with their stats in specific server i mean his group chash name online stat and play hours... if someone can juste explain me how to do that i mean how to get their info is that by ip or mta serial oe something else ?
  10. السلام عليكم يا شباب عندي مشكلة و بدي حد يساعدني انا مصمم سكينات و لكن الحين بدي اصمم طائرة ال hydra وما فهمت في شكلها وين في hydra.txd وين الجناح و المقدمة .... ممكن حد يساعد
  11. Hello guys i am here today to suggest to add an teamspeak software into mta sa well i know there is some software available but if there is one in Mta he wil be usefull much than other for example mta team has added an browser and lot use it so if there is an teamspeak that wil be the samething as browser and bind wiil be F10
  12. If you are in egypte you need to use an vpn to join CIT server because there is some problemes in this country its in ISP that why you need an vpn most of egyptian have the same probleme
  13. your probleme should be from your pc or your conection if you have wifi try to use cable and close any programe can use internet like browser skype irs .... and i suggest to you to open your firewall and add mta sa to whitelist if the probleme is from pc i mean liw ram or card ghraphic use and game boster and its posible that your pc dont have the ppower to run like those games i mean online games with player that why he crash int the downloading of servers ressources
  14. When I try to enable it, It doesn't get enabled.. maybe you need to activate it anyway when you have an antivirus make the scann etc... and download ccleaner too its an usefull programe to clean your pc than dalette CIT files and redowload it your probleme wiil be fixed