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  1. Hello guys Today am requesting from MTA to see that problem when i open server such as CIT2 it's download normal suddenly it stuck at 200kb or 300+ am getting so angry by the way that problem is week until now and it happened when MTA 1.5.1 released i have entered vacation and got back from inactivity and i can't log in please MTA team help us . yes us Most people have same problem such as : (me,serag,crash28,xprosoul) other friends i swear they're a lot i wish you help us please we want play.
  2. MTA team you should fix dat bug most of CIT2 and most MTA are egyptians and TE-data so MTA pls Fix dat problem we can't play
  3. I contacted them on e-mail and explained everything i wish they answer now more than 5 or 6 contacted them they must feel that it's important and it kept for week that's a lot.
  4. but we can connect in 1.3 and 1.4 EDIT:: I Called them and they said they are working on it i just hope every egyptian call them so they know its important and fix it faster i can't contact them am 12 am not old but you tell all your friends or call from other phone and change your sound so for them they see more than 2 or 3 OK?
  5. so who here can contact them egyptians Old guys contact them i want play dat fuckin i just took vacation OMG
  6. i connected and i cant do anything just like xxprosoul