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  1. Fullton

    [Help] getTime

    unexptected symbol near ',' in 1st line
  2. Fullton

    [Help] getTime

    Hello, community! I have a question: how can I write script which unload objects in 21:00 and load new ones and vice versa in 5:00. I don't want to use render or prerender events.
  3. Hello, community! I changed the model of default object and nothing changed. I mean sand or dirt effect like on beaches. Will I able to connect custom object and the effect?
  4. Both. Team color and player name. getPlayerNametagText gets only colored name without team color.
  5. tocolor gets a nil value. I saw function that gets player's team color in script nametags(not standart) and downloaded from community but i lost this script and fuction.
  6. Hello, community! I was interested how to put team colour with nickname in messages. Look at this image. First part of name with tag of team is without colour: Here you can see my colour of team only in simple chat. I used this: outputChatBox("#ffffff"..getPlayerNametagText(source).." #ff0000has been muted for spam", getRootElement(), 255, 255, 0,true) The same thing is with dxDrawText: I will be very glad if you give me any help.