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  1. They say the company DOESNT support online games ...
  2. Reseting router and re installing mta and all that BULLSHIT isnt FKIN working so if you are going to give a solution give a fkin dam working solution +@ccw i dont want to use vpn cuz in most of times to get good connection it asks u to pay money for it ... +when i enter with another IP it WORKS then the problem is in MTA not the ISP there is a conflict in the IPs in MTA Client cuz it works with the same ISP and everything just when the ip changes it works
  3. We have cuz they didnt even hear whats my problem is .... they told me is it about the online games ? i told them yes and then they told me we are working on it .. they didnt give me a chance to explain anything this is why i feel that they wont do anything or maybe they think i mean another porblem + when i asked when its going to be fixed they told me no specific time it can be anytime ... LOL ------ Going to pm uu
  4. When you call you must provide the number of the phone which is connected to them + you can make any adult in your familly call them for you
  5. but we can connect in 1.3 and 1.4 EDIT:: I Called them and they said they are working on it i just hope every egyptian call them so they know its important and fix it faster
  6. ping jumps to 1000 and after 1 or 2 mins i get network loss and connection lost but ATLEAST i can still get in what do u mean? its 1.3 i cant find servers when i check + maybe this lag cuz when i enter it says Welcome to [MTA:SA Server 1.35 GNU/Linux] and we are windows users? when i connect to my local host it works fine [MTA:SA Server 1.3.2 Windows] And i believe this problem came with MTA 1.5.1 1.4 was working fine and 1.5 also i think Maybe if u can check the difference between connection protocols in 1.4 and 1.5.1 u can find whats wrong or maybe just backup them to the 1.4 ones I just hope u find a solution
  7. Iam also like them ping jumped from 100+ > 1000+ ~1150 ~ and cant get in a car or do anything But ATLEAST I can join it
  8. Yeah i hope so cuz iam trying to play for days now ...! idk the problem is with Te Data or 1.5.1 update with us Ya thats right
  9. MTADiag isnt working .... it doesnt even open anything !! i can just see it in the taskmanager nothing more and tried to enter while its in the task manager and failed too cuz i suffer from the same problem but anyway iam TE Data also