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  1. Alien mod still not released!
  2. Give me a sec to upload scripts to the site! HumanWorld.Enjin.Com
  3. It's not big yet, but it's GOOD. Play for at least 1 week before you ask for staff. Pays $1+ via paypal based on how much money you earn in-game.
  4. I just made a server, here's the ip: I know you probably like bigger servers but can U give mines a chance? Thanks in advance :D

    1. koragg


      Sure thing. If it's a racing one maybe I'll start playing there too , who knows. 

    2. Shamont
  5. Read the bottom of this page's post! https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12726 It says: BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE HUMAN WORLD SERVER! If it's not up, i'm offline working on scripts and can not watch the server. I have trust problems with staff because the few people I did give staff, start enforcing random rules on players, rules that do not exist.. They obviously did not read the staff agreement. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkug8fmavdcgk0d/STAFF AGREEMENT.txt?dl=1 Raw IP: mtasa://
  6. You sir, have not joined I see. I'm a better scripter then the legendary Arran Fortuna, I laugh at CrystalMV and I blow my nose with saur tishues! hahah jk no offense to those awesome servers. But join for once, we may live on opposite side of the earth. Your awake while we sleep. Go to grove street to see sweet, and his goons. Go to mount chilliad and find the UFO at the mystery symbol '?'. it takes you to the girl you talk to to receive alien skin and powers. and NEVER insult my skills again. Your Faith is so low that you curse a server before you even try it. You sir. are one sad perso
  7. HUMAN WORLD PRO FREEROAM: SERVER PASSWORD = humanworld Scatterbrain: Someone asked me earlier... seeing as most missions are just for fun, I'd say my place is ROLEPLAY. NO RULES for regular players. You'd think that wouldn't work but we simply over power the cops, and neutralize the hackers with funny scripts. If i get enough donations I'll put the server's files on MTA community. Plenty of strangers and freaks to meet here, even if the server is empty, I've created strangers at several ? symbols everywhere including: Sweet, GTA SA myth series people.
  8. READ ALL OF BELOW FOR CORRECT INFO: Every time I try to do something good on here, I get attacked by people saying i'm trying to scam them, or they attack me saying my ideas aren't going to work. When I have done years of research and work to get where I am. Anyways, I'm saying this because I can no longer talk on here without having to defend my hard work. I've created a website where i'll be uploading GOOD resources. My main focus is on peds/bots scripts, mission scripts, and RPG in general(including zombie). I'll be smashing all these scripts into one server, all in one world, so that
  9. Come through to this server and you'll get to play as an alien. Human World Anarchy! Looking for forum staff on our website. We need official group leaders, for both in game and on forum staffing.. If we reach the top one day, we will stay there. I refuse to be the same as other servers, so don't give me ideas that were made already... Thanks Peace out! If I reach 25 players in game, I'll release this custom made Alien mod to MTA community. This is not released yet...
  10. I got a deal for u, come to my server and i'll add whatever you like. Regular players have no rules, so we NEVER ban. Admins have a few rules though, anyways, I wan't you to be an admin. Simply take the staff test on HumanWorld.Enjin.com, and it'll have a download called Staff-Agreement.txt . Shows everything you need to rule this new revolutionary server. It's like cit but with no rules holding you down, way more features, better and NICER staff, and i'm active daily. The entire server turns from roleplay to apocolypse/zombies(For 45mins) if someone solves the mount chilliad mystery. We have
  11. sorry, actually here's what i have now: ped1 = createPed(112, 378.40203857422,-1883.6003417969,2.2299766540527,180) --Create our Ped function died(TerroristMap1) local resource = getResourceFromName ( "TerroristMap1" ) local start = startResource (resource) if (start) then outputChatBox ("**YOU HEAR A BIG BOOM IN THE DISTANCE** LS Beach Pier has been destroyed in an explosion!") end setTimer(function(TerroristMap1) outputChatBox ( "The LS Beach Pier has been rebuilt!" ) local stop = stopResource ( resource ) end, 30000, 1 ) end addEventHandler("onPedWasted", ped1, died)
  12. this script is good, but can you show a working example of the start resource arguments? when ever i type them in i get a "expected resoure-data at argument ~~." its refering to the start resource line. heres my arguments:
  13. holy crap, i guess the comunity is still active! Quick!EstrategiaGTA give me your paypal email. i'm gunna pay you! reply thanks when you get the money! L: You have no idea what you just did for me!
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