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  1. Hey, so for some reason I can not attach images to my new resource, so it won't actually show on new resources.... Anyway, here is a link to the resource: It includes a working iron miner job at quarry, you start by walking into a marker, after you hit the marker, you then need to go to a blip where you'll walk into a checkpoint, you then need to click images in a window, and you will receive iron, then another random checkpoint will spawn. There is a shop where you may sell your iron for money. Make sure to start resources with your server to prevent problems, restarting is fine once you are logged in. There is also an ATM script, it places ATM's around los santos, and col shapes, when you walk to the front of the ATM, you can access your "bank" which will allow you to deposit and withdraw cash, ATM's are easy to add, just add them to the table and add a col shape too. There is also a /atm command (not case sensitive) that will show you where ATM's are for 10 seconds and then destroy the blips, the blips are green dollar signs, you can easily change it. Hope you enjoy the resource! A lot of people on the forum helped with it and I now have a greater understanding of lua thanks to them. Need any help with it? Found a bug? Want to request something new? Then message me and I will get right on it!
  2. I am looking for someone to give me a script for a donation system, basically I want to make a VIP system, the idea is.... you go to PayPal, you donate a price, then it gets the player from a box (on PayPal) and triggers an event to give $100,000 dollars * the money they payed to the players name from the box on PayPal. So say the player that wanted to get the money had an account name "john". He'd enter the amount on PayPal box he wants and then his account name into the box, it'd then trigger a script to get his name and amount he payed and multiply it by money he payed, so 1 euro = 100,000. So he pays 10 euros and gets 1,000,000. I don't know anything about sending data to MTA, just know some simple lua on MTA and how to make GUI's and set/get data from the player.... Thanks for any help! Will pay if needed since this is hard script!
  3. Not working, done this: function Jets() local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) for i=0, 20 do createEffect (petrolcan, (x + math.random(-5,5), y + math.random(-5,5), z) end end end addCommandHandler("jet", Jets) Basically the exact same except I replaced fxAdd with createEffect, no errors.....
  4. Thanks! Also there is a heli dust effect in the effects list called "heli_dust" is there a way of putting this in? I tried it as is and also fxAddHeliDust but still nothing.
  5. Both.... same thing happens Nvm, I made a typo, I found a list of GTA effects on forum though, are only a few included in MTA or are all there since it runs off of GTA? (I tried using fxAddFireLarge (fire_large) and nothing happened).
  6. Hello, the title says it all... how can I add fx? I am currently trying to learn from the fxAddWaterHydrant on the wiki. here's all I got so far, this is just something to help me learn a little more about it and understand it. function createHydrants(local) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer) -- Get your location. for i=0, 20 do -- 20 Hydrants. fxAddWaterHydrant(x + math.random(-5,5), y + math.random(-5,5), z) -- Using math.random, and your current location 20 water hydrants are created. end end addCommandHandler("hyd", createHydrants) The only error is on line 4, "Attempt to call fxAddWaterHydrant (a nil value)"
  7. Free to help people setting up servers/directing them to a few easy, basic, yet needed scripts for a working map on server (spawn, respawn after death etc) 

    Scripting my own server too!  If anyone wants to help it would be much appreciated!  :D I am brand new to scripting and right now I only have YouTube and MTA resources page, so any help is good help. :P

  8. You know, you can host servers 100% free? That's why they allowed you to have an "MTA Server". And if anyone needs help getting there server up on it, please feel free to pm me, I have a few links to YouTube that walk you through it, and also I can explain it if you do understand, as long as you know how to work a browser and drag things into a folder, oh! And know how to copy and paste too.... Only things I can't really show you. I know, 5 year old thread, but it popped up in search, so I thought... Why not?
  9. kieranb

    IP changed

    No, the geolocate shows me being in the UK, so I don't know what the problem is.
  10. Why not simply just add it to the admin panel, or even just put it on a script on the server owners PC instead of the Master database, still, you all need to know that you can always hack something if you try..... also, there is an insane amount of texture bugs, so if you think someones cheating it might just be a bug/glitch from the GTA SA directory since Rockstar concentrated on scripts for item pick ups / functions and not on textures / scripts made by a player
  11. kieranb

    IP changed

    I'm currently in Ayr (South Ayrshire) and on my admin panel, and in every other server, it identifies my IP as being US and not GB, I don't know why, as I haven't made any changes to my computers settings and have scanned it with many anti virus/malware programs, it used to show it as GB, so I don't know whether it's a fault on the Database or not. (MTA Version: 1.5) (Platform: Windows 7) Please help?