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  1. Main Page Client Area Forum 3rd Party Legal Agreement Terms Of Service (TOS) #Happy_Independence_Day_Pakistan_and_India Greetings, Hello everyone! It been a while we offering 20% off for yearly plan and some people used it we glad to see. Now #Pakistan&India's Independence Day on 14th and 15th of August and I'm from Pakistan and @"Khadeercasino" from India as you guys may know so we going to Launch special promo code for 2 days (14 and 15 August) which can save your 50% money from Yearly Plan yeah it 50% off. MTA:SA,SAMP or CS 1.6 Professional plan is €3 monthly €3 x 12 = €36 but with promo code you can save 18€ You can find Gameserver Plans here Where i can use Promo Code? Well goto Client area Create account and login Order MTA:SA/SAMP or CS 1.6 Professional plan While processing payment it will ask you promo code input the promo code "INDPAK71" in and it make 50% discount. Did you Participate on our 2nd Giveaway ? Complete requirement and apply for giveaway and you can get a chance to win free VPS or web hostings more details you can find here If you guys may know we've opened staff application here Many of you asking about result, To be honest we haven't decide result yet we will start voting after 15th of August. If you have interest to join PiratesHosting team so go ahead you can apply your application here We Accept: Paypal, Cryptocurrency, SMS payment (if available on your country), Paytm, Easypaisa Note: we will add more methods in the future if you want any method we add you can suggestion anywhere easier for you mail us or create thread on our forum etc. Please Support Us. You can Support us by your Donations. even a penny (Donations 100% used for increase our Service) You can Support us by Sponsoring us a VPS. (for Sponsorship. Kindly PM me or mail us at You can Support us by Keep active and shared our website you to friends. (please share on your wall) You can Support Us by Join our team and do you best. for member get product faster. Best Regards, Founder of PiratesHosting.
  2. MTA Hosting with mobile payment.

    @Leo Messi Please create ticket in our client area
  3. <img src=""> Happy Birthday PiratesHosting, It been 1 year since we are our non-profit mission that provide free gameservers and web hosts and hopefully soon we will start providing VPS as well in few post requirement but yeah we doing giveaway VPSes, Domains, Premium Web Hosting and Gameserver to celebrate our anniversary 900 members. Without you guys we are nothing, Thanks for being with us recently we crossed 900 members and i believe we can touch 1K members till the day of our anniversary. What you guys giving free on this Giveaway? After all of efforts Founders of PiratesHosting (@"Khadeercasino" , @"Arsal Ahmed" & @"harishayat") we collect moneys and spending on these things given below. Please don't forgot to read FAQ given below. If you still have question please let us know.

    Celebration of 100 Members Hello Everyone, We have reached 100 members about few days ago so our team decide to add more plan with more slots and space and of course with more slots and space there more posts required. 32-200 with different slots and space available on MTA:SA and SAMP. We have added 32-200 slots Plans in MTA:SA and SAMP gameServer. For more details: Click here Grab your Plan before Plans are out of stock. Read full announcement: Click here.
  5. We offer free Game Server Host to our community members! All you have to do is post on our forums! Signing up to only takes about 10 seconds. Once you have posted 15 posts, you can request a free Game Server. Sign up and claim your free Game Server today! Christmas to New Year Offer Hi Guys, Marry Christmas and Happy new year. PiratesHosting Offering in the first time of the history of PiratesHosting to Unlimited Users 50 Slots MTA:SA and SAMP GameServer. Offer Start 25 December (Christmas Day) To 1 January 2018 (New Year Day). Valid from 24 December's night 12 AM to 1 January's night 12 AM. All you have to Do Register now at and keep your requirements complete before 25 December and apply between Christmas to New Year to Get 50 Slots server. If you Applied before 25 December don't worry we also have offer to increase slots and Space of use. Click Here Those Who don't know how to get Free service from PiratesHosting watch our tutorial video now. Click Here Quick FAQ's (Frequently asked questions) Q: Is this PiratesHosting still offer free Game Server? A: Yes MTA:SA, SAMP and CS 1.6. Q. How to Request free game Server/Shared Hosting? A: When you reach minimum Requirements GOTO "Game Server Request" or "Shared Hosting Request" section create new thread use format. fill the formats question and post your thread. Our Admin reply you as soon as possible. Q. How to keep Warning Level 0%? A: Make sure your post is legally. don't post Adult things, don't spam. any abuse post can make your account Upto 90% Warning OR 100% means permanent Banned. Q. I can Become staff member on PiratesHosting? A: Ofcourse, Staff seats are available such as (Live Chat Agent, Administrator, Web-Developer, Server-Developer,) Please Support Us. You can Support us by your Donations. even a penny (Donations 100% used for increase our Service) You can Support us by Sponsoring us a VPS. (for Sponsorship. Kindly PM me or mail us at You can Support us by Keep active and shared our website you to friends. (please share on your wall) You can Support Us by Join our team and do you best. for member get product faster. Best Regards, Founder of PiratesHosting.
  6. Giving away Free MTASA Server

    Username (In control panel): arsalahmed786 First Name: Arsal Last Name: ahmed Birthday 9/5/1998: Skype: komalahmed20 Email: Choose a server (Alpha,Charlie,Bravo): Charlie Server Slot: Minimum 32 max 64 any you can Server Name: DS| dangerous squad. Reason that you want a free MTASA Server: i can't pay. i want to host
  7. Limitless Free Hosting - Free MTA:SA & SAMP Servers

    Hello limitless give free server on Limitless forum. you can join and post to get host.
  8. Free Server

    Hello everyone, i am DS|ArSaL i am gonna announce about my Old Server / and free server Dangerous Squad are reopen soon stay in connect we will coming back Soon Dangerous Squad Providing a Free Server to everyone Post to get a Free Server All information on this topic Just Visit visit our old forum to post a free server request. Video will be create soon Best Regards, Dangerous Squad Founder
  9. need help on userpanel

    wtf for this topic i have been banned on FFS community why please unban me
  10. need help on userpanel

    Hey Guys, i have an problem on a Userpanel. that i have userpanel of ffs gaming. press U to toggle sidebar userpanel. my problem is userpanel resource won't work without ffs resource started i want unconnect it and unconnect it's MYSQL DB. thanks. who can do it add me on skype : " komalahmed20 "
  11. Free Forum Host

    Hey guys, Have problem to buy a Host of Forum? here is Solution Click here and register an Account. Start Build your Own Website with Free host Here is a Tutorial for learn how to host and add skin. If you have any problem contact me on Skype : komalahmed20 Click here to Earn Money Visit DS Social page: Visit DS free forum : Visit DS server: mtasa://
  12. Dangerous Squad Server

    Our server are Locked for the Multi Gamemode. DS 1.0 very soon DS have now opened temporary server ip is mtasa:// Feature's of DS 1.0: Login & Registeration Panel New Forum. Gamemodes Shooter (For GroundKill) Shooter B (For Aerial kill) DeathMatch Old School Cross Fun Freeroam General improvements Lobby (Press F2 to change the Room) New Radar New Scoreboard Visit our Social Page
  13. Dangerous Squad Server

    MultiGamemode 70% Compeleted Join request Still open
  14. Dangerous Squad Server

    New Server ip and increased Slot Updated
  15. Dangerous Squad Server

    Hi guys this is my first Community Clan. "Dangerous Squad" Server information: server name: server name are changing fixed name soon Server Open?: Yep Still Active But Changing Version Server Slot: 100 Server host: server are Hosted in France server ip: mtasa:// Gamemode?: Now racemode shooter/os/dm maps together Multi gamemode Released soon Forum: or [url=][/url] who is scripter now?: we don't have any scripter i am noob in scripting but Best Scripter FS clan Scripter helping me we Finding a best player's " Scripter , Graphic Designer , moderator , DM/OS/Shooter And Overall Player" if u want to join post a Join request by following formats. Server/Forum LOGO in Progress. Note: if you are scripter please Contect me, we want Scripter for clan we can add u in our Community Remember i can't pay money i can Accept you now when we start Earning Money i'll pay you per month