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  1. Main Page Client Area Forum 3rd Party Legal Agreement Terms Of Service (TOS) Greetings, Today we proudly releasing our WHMCS with a great offer upto 70% OFF for first 10 users so if you reading this better you go and grab 70% yearly gameserver or web host by using this code "PH70FF" (without quotes) Read Full Announcement Here Free Shared Hosting: (for first 20 Users)1GB Disk Space10GB Monthly BandwidthLatest cPanel99.9% Uptime2 FTP, Email and MySQL DatabasOrder now: Click hereSHARED HOSTING MICRO: (€3.00/mo) use promo code "PH70FF" and reduce 70% off in yearly term.10GB S
  2. Hello everyone! i've shoot a video about "How to install MTA:SA gameserver in Linux (Any OS) Open Game Panel" Hope this helpful for someone else because i can see many people report about "Unable to get log, retval -2, Retry #1, Retry #2" Errors which is not a big deal and they just disturb OGP (Open Game Panel) staff. So here is my easy and simple tutorial which is guide you "How to install MTA:SA server in Linux" Or fix those error which is actually not an error it your fault that you always skip some main configuration for the server.Video tutorial: Best Re
  3. we provide now upto 300 slots for free for more information visit now forum.pirateshosting.com
  4. Now PiratesHosting provide upto 300 Slots: We've increase the specifications of the Plans (1,2 & 3) now people can grab upto 300 slots for free.We've new concept people can grab 32 to 100 slots in plan 2, 100-200 in plan 2 & 200-300 in plan 3Plan 1 need 10 posts /monthlyPlan 2 need 15 posts /monthlyPlan 3 need 25 posts /monthlyRemember: this offer for SAMP and MTA:SA, Obviously CS 1.6 maxmium slots is 32 which we already providing we can't give more then 32.
  5. Now we accept over 60+ countries sms service you can buy server with sms. and 50% offer still valid for next 2 days
  6. Main Page Client Area Forum 3rd Party Legal Agreement Terms Of Service (TOS) #Happy_Independence_Day_Pakistan_and_India Greetings, Hello everyone! It been a while we offering 20% off for yearly plan and some people used it we glad to see. Now #Pakistan&India's Independence Day on 14th and 15th of August and I'm from Pakistan and @"Khadeercasino" from India as you guys may know so we going to Launch special promo code for 2 days (14 and 15 August) which can save your 50% money from Yearly Plan yeah it 50% off. MTA:SA,SAMP or CS 1.6 Professional plan is €3 monthly €3 x
  7. @Leo Messi Please create ticket in our client area https://pirateshosting.com/clients/
  8. <img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/403282696941600768/464465412965400577/s1.png"> Happy Birthday PiratesHosting, It been 1 year since we are our non-profit mission that provide free gameservers and web hosts and hopefully soon we will start providing VPS as well in few post requirement but yeah we doing giveaway VPSes, Domains, Premium Web Hosting and Gameserver to celebrate our anniversary 900 members. Without you guys we are nothing, Thanks for being with us recently we crossed 900 members and i believe we can touch 1K members till the day of our anniversary. Wh
  9. Celebration of 100 Members Hello Everyone, We have reached 100 members about few days ago so our team decide to add more plan with more slots and space and of course with more slots and space there more posts required. 32-200 with different slots and space available on MTA:SA and SAMP. We have added 32-200 slots Plans in MTA:SA and SAMP gameServer. For more details: Click here Grab your Plan before Plans are out of stock. Read full announcement: Click here.
  10. We offer free Game Server Host to our community members! All you have to do is post on our forums! Signing up to http://www.PiratesHosting.com only takes about 10 seconds. Once you have posted 15 posts, you can request a free Game Server. Sign up and claim your free Game Server today! Christmas to New Year Offer Hi Guys, Marry Christmas and Happy new year. PiratesHosting Offering in the first time of the history of PiratesHosting to Unlimited Users 50 Slots MTA:SA and SAMP GameServer. Offer Start 25 December (Christmas Day) To 1 January 2018 (New Year Day). Valid from 24 Dece
  11. Username (In control panel): arsalahmed786 First Name: Arsal Last Name: ahmed Birthday 9/5/1998: Skype: komalahmed20 Email: arsalahmed786@gmail.com Choose a server (Alpha,Charlie,Bravo): Charlie Server Slot: Minimum 32 max 64 any you can Server Name: DS| dangerous squad. Reason that you want a free MTASA Server: i can't pay. i want to host
  12. Hello limitless give free server on Limitless forum. you can join and post to get host.
  13. Hello everyone, i am DS|ArSaL i am gonna announce about my Old Server / and free server Dangerous Squad are reopen soon stay in connect we will coming back Soon Dangerous Squad Providing a Free Server to everyone Post to get a Free Server All information on this topic Just Visit http://dj-team.proboards.com/thread/60/free-server-form-formats visit our old forum to post a free server request. Video will be create soon Best Regards, Dangerous Squad Founder
  14. wtf for this topic i have been banned on FFS community why please unban me
  15. Hey Guys, i have an problem on a Userpanel. that i have userpanel of ffs gaming. press U to toggle sidebar userpanel. my problem is userpanel resource won't work without ffs resource started i want unconnect it and unconnect it's MYSQL DB. thanks. who can do it add me on skype : " komalahmed20 "
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