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  1. For anyone wondering, I solved issue by reinstalling MTA.
  2. With custom client you can only connect to custom server
  3. I need to make server accept custom total conversion maps. I get this error when try to join: Here's my server config: <allow_gta3_img_mods>peds</allow_gta3_img_mods> <client_file name="data/carmods.dat" verify="0"/> <client_file name="data/animgrp.dat" verify="0"/> <client_file name="data/ar_stats.dat" verify="0"/> <client_file name="data/melee.dat" verify="0"/> <client_file name="data/clothes.dat" verify="0"/> <client_file name="data/object.dat" verify="0"/> <client_file name="data/defa
  4. Video looks good. Maybe tell us more info about what is planned and done.
  5. Is this official map editor? If so, compared to current one: - less bugs, better code structure - simple and easy workflow for building plugins - multiple maps support - biuld-in tools for mass object generation (loops, generation along 3d curve, generation alog the line with some step, generation in some area - circle, square, randomized generation - forests, peds, vehicles ect.)
  6. setElementStreamable(vehicle, false)
  7. I have one. It may not work (depends on how similar your dgs to mta cgui). Make a resource that will patch other resources to replace existing scripts based on cgui with dgs. For example it may add a file into resource of this kind: guiCreateButton = exports.dgs.guiCreateButton -- global variable guiCreateButton will store exported function that will be called instead of mta's cgui function anywhere within the resource guiCreateWindow = exports.dgs.guiCreateWindow In this file you will place all your functions that replace mta default functions. So all calls of default mta funcs
  8. Thanks, I will. I honestly thought yandex has some servers over the world. Looks like it doesn't.
  9. Info: NFS project is an online racing simulator based on MTA SA. Key features: - new car physics engine written from scratch - unique racing system - car development and upgrades system - various historic and modern cars, reconstructed in game with maximum precision - various racing tracks Videos: How to join the game: 1*. You need to install completly clean GTA SA version, without any mods. 2*. In installed GTA SA folder replace gta_sa.exe with this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kv1br7m0ydh2d64/gta_sa.rar?dl=0 3*. Install MTA SA (if not already d
  10. Hi there. I have an idea for you, as soon as you seem to be interested in GUI programming. I'm not using your GUI system, but what I want to suggest has nothing to do with specific GUI, it's more like MTA problem atm. So, when you're programming a GUI, you are forced to constantly keep in mind all those numbers: buttons positions, windows sizes, font scales and so on. This information is a garbage that doesn't really help to improve script logic, but acts like stones attached to your legs that doesn't allow your brain to put some ideas into working script as fast as you may want to.
  11. As for your problem: - use attachElements instead of setMatrix (it won't shake) - to sovle camera rotation, usssh.... it requires quite harsh 3D Vector manipulations. You have to use Vector to keep camera position relative to vehicle, then rotate it on mouse movement and transform from global coordinates to vehicle local coordinates, meanwhile moving it back to target position (which has to be updated with vehicle x rotation) when no mouse movement happens. I made custom camera this way for my project, but it uses modified vectors, so I don't really know any easy way to help you.
  12. omg, why don't you just use setCameraTarget? edit: ok, I see, it is only for players.
  13. AfterAll14


    I'm afraid no. You have to use multi-render target (MRT) for this. But at the moment MRT in MTA provides very poor results. @Ren_712 made a resource that allows you to create mirrors, it utilizes MRT. You can check it on community page and see how it can be done. But it will only work in a limited space with high performance costs.
  14. I'd suggest you to use this code to get rotations of all objects first, then manually fix the angles of those who have non-zero XY rotations.
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