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  1. They wouldn't be downloading two applications, It's only one. I've seen skin and car mods for this game that are bigger than MTA. The bandiwdth used while playing the game is much more of a significant issue than a single download. Double standard? I don't know; perhaps he's just not a deep thinker. I think it's a great idea to combine the two. The two game engines are similar. This allows updates to take effect for both games and people won't complain that MTA:VC runs better than MTA for GTA3. Also, the people who made the decision to combine the projects are the people who are d
  2. Hey, if you have a problem with the video, don't download it. It's that simple. It's easier to edit one image instead of 40-60 frames.
  3. I wasn't aware that was covered. My apologies. It's easy to fake screen shots. Would a moderator please delete this thread?
  4. I've got a wallet-full. http://yatta.info/media/wee.avi
  5. I knew I sucked at GTA, but I didn't fully comprehend the skill sets available. She was good.
  6. I don't think you're very good at picking up on sarcasm.
  7. I mean, if I were on the development team, I'd probably spend most of my time crapping around with the latest build rather than working on it. Too much fun.
  8. > GTA and Grand Theft Auto are trademarks from Rockstar > Windows is a registered trademark from the Microsoft corporation > All other trademarks are property of there owners "their" Hello! As soon as I can find a store around here that seels GTA for PC, I'll buy it. I have it for the PS2, but yeah.
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