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  1. LeonardoS'k

    [SHOW] Builiding System

    Very Cool!! Awesome, congratulations. -- I Like much!
  2. LeonardoS'k

    Toxic GamingZ | MTA DayZ | Bases Gratis | Eventos !

    Error topic, this is resource, not server ads!! please move topic, or deleted and post in correct topic.
  3. Bye my account of secure :3 !! Coming soon login in you!

  4. LeonardoS'k

    [SHOW] - MTA - Discord integration API

    Very good! Thanks you.
  5. LeonardoS'k

    [WIP] AVH - new physics engine for GTA SA

    Much Good!! ILike of sounds of cars(engine).
  6. LeonardoS'k

    [SHOW][BETA] Furniture Script

    Oh My God, I Love you script! Wait more information and updates !! Nice Man!!
  7. Humm, Look good. Well, to be like maybe buy server with you.
  8. LeonardoS'k


    A mysql system to save gamemode players account MTA: DayZ. And a system like a modloader that when the player log in / register on the server ask if he wanted to lower the extra content from the server.
  9. LeonardoS'k


    Humm, nice! I Like of Script/Resource/Map/Gamemode! Thanks for work!
  10. LeonardoS'k

    MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    Humm, nice! I Like of Script/Resource/Map/Gamemode! Thanks for work!
  11. Very nice !! Best Free Script of Cinema !! Thanks You By Cinema Script !!
  12. LeonardoS'k

    tank turret rotation system

    Yeah (Yes) !! Fu*ck Version 4.0 is Complied !! Dont Have How Added More Tanks on Server !! De-compiled please !!
  13. LeonardoS'k

    [SHOW][COG] CJ custom clothes

    Here Chat using is private resource or execusivel of your server?? Thanks!!
  14. LeonardoS'k

    [SHOW][COG] CJ custom clothes

    Very nice Man !! Like ++12 !!
  15. Thanks by here resource beatiful !! Love Cinema !!