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  1. Yeah like <clans> <clan name="Any" rules="sadsadsadasd"> </clan> <clan name="owadas" rules="text..."> </clan> </clans>
  2. Thanks, and how to save it for each team?
  3. Hello, i'd like to know what functions do i need to get the text from the memo on client side then trigger it to the server and get the team name to be able to save the text for each team and save in xml file.
  4. This function might help you:
  5. Use this:
  6. mazarati21

    Armour Help

    You can use this. then dxDrawText("Armor: "..armor.."%" etc..
  7. mazarati21

    Armour Help

    Something like this to get the player health. local armor = math.ceil(getPedArmor(localPlayer))
  8. Have you tried this?
  9. Right here:
  10. You a space between exports and Messages.
  11. Hello i'd like to know how do i save the checkbox state when the player logouts out / quit the server.
  12. Create a folder. Then create a meta.xml <meta> <info author="Name" description="Engineoff" version="1.0" type="script" /> <script src="server.lua" type="server" /> </meta> and create another file server.lua function engineoff (thePlayer, seat, jacked) if seat ==0 and not jacked then setVehicleEngineState(source, false) setVehicleLocked(source, false) end end addEventHandler("onVehicleExit", root, engineoff)
  13. local blocked_players = {} addEventHandler("onClientChatMessage",root,function() if (blocked_players[source]) then cancelEvent() outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source).." wrote something in chat, but you blocked him.") end end) function block(cmd,plyname) local target = getPlayerFromName(plyname) if (plyname and target) then if (not blocked_players[target]) then blocked_players[target] = true; outputChatBox("player"..plyname.." blocked!") else blocked_players[target] = nil; outputChatBox("player"..plyname.." unblocked!") end else outputChatBox("player not found") end end addCommandHandler("block", block)