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  1. Server Update: Infinity Roleplay is now in Closed Beta. To participate in our Closed Beta, please sign up on our forums at: After registering on our forums, please join our discord at: and contact Knight or Eli about joining the closed beta. Thank You.
  2. Knight2859

    Different Vehicle Mods on one GTA Model

    Ah alright, thanks anyways.
  3. Knight2859

    Different Vehicle Mods on one GTA Model

    Well, I already have it setup to where I can have multiple brands on one gtaid, meaning that their can be a huntley that goes by a cadillac escalade and a chevy tahoe. Now I would like to get support on adding mods to each brandid so each of the car brands can be realistic.
  4. Hello, I am working on a server at the moment, and have been trying to get a script where I can have multiple vehicle mods on one gta vehicle. I have a advanced branding system setup with unique ids to each vehicle brand and it is setup with mysql. But I am conflicted on how to set a mod to the brand id instead of the GTA id. Any help would be greatly appreciated,