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  1. I have error in debugscript... -....script2.lua:58: Bad argument @ 'stopResource' [Expected resource-data at argument 1, got nil] Can somebody help me? Thanks greetings. //Server function stoped () stopResource(earth) end addEvent ( "stope", true) addEventHandler ( "stope", getRootElement(), stoped )
  2. yes Enjoy the skins, it's from my server because it is not "popular" here we go:!mARz3TzL key: !qn9uDF4sDWBMhsUU2q_YHA HAPPY NEW YEAR
  3. Thanks, I'll try the other version into resource then, then i use in resource slothbot the function kill. I use clientside for all.
  4. Thanks, but not work. Now, i using other functions...
  5. Ok..., not work: Example1, Server: function A4() setkillPed ( perro ) end addCommandHandler("a4", A4) "setKilledPed" exist or put it there but does not work with KilledPed. Example2, Client: function B14(b) killPed(perro,b) end addCommandHandler("b14", B14)
  6. Hi, the function KillPed in my script it does not work, an example please This is for my resource "friendbot". I need to kill a bot and put invisibility, if you can They take part as a helper, if any when the script is run, I mean it works.
  7. Hello everyone This is my idea that trying to work on the script. I have the .txd and .dff SKI (faggio replacement), any ideas to add to the script? or do I need? And i have a question ... I need to make my racing resource but must be copied from the resource (default) or a new race from 0 , ??? I do not want to create problems