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  1. Problem with resources

    Show the meta.xml of the resource and a screenshot of the resource. (hope i'm not late lol) @iRoby0
  2. Server list problem, can you help me pls

    Contact your hosting service, please reply to this post if you are hosting on your own PC ( or your own server at home )
  3. Please I Need Help!!!

    use code tags mate please just when editing look for the tab < > and put ur code there or use [ code ] paste lots of stuff [ / code ] without spaces thanks here
  4. Scripts protection

    Client side files are downloaded to the clients' computer anyway, it just gets deleted AFTER executing, so by getting everything sent on the network we get the file with no trouble. it's fileDelete() tho
  5. Discord won't install in my server

    I hope you didn't type it in server console. You gotta type it in the terminal, as terminal would return something lol If you are using a hosting, ask your manager.
  6. help me with something

    You probably gotta make your own vehicle system.,
  7. Non stop crashe MTA

    Try to install windows 7, if it's possible.
  8. Wastage of Servers and players

    Agree. My server is mostly empty, but stays hosted, as it is not public, but for my development. It would just get shut down? Lol
  9. banned?

    lol another threat
  10. [HELP]VMware Player

    Virtual box is much easier, use that. A 3 year old could use it.
  11. Paradise RP admin panel?

    was paradise rp leaked or what? is it your gamemode?
  12. SetvehicleSirens

    What car you are doing it on? There are some unsupported cars, and show the whole function, because car is not defined.
  13. Whats happens with forum??

    Same for me, that's driving me crazy.
  14. menu

    F1 doesn't always open it. Sometimes you have to acquire them by finding cars, buying them. Depends on the game mode, F1 is from the script
  15. Ports

    Show the router config.