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  1. You gotta ask the owner. You may try /x /y /z or /xyz, but this is not a scripting related question, sorry.
  2. I really didn't understand. You want to move while frozen? Can you show the code and explain it a bit better? Is there a desync or what? @qing
  3. Pass localPlayer as an argument at line 5. Not the best way, but works. From a phone, if you'll tag me I will write it as a code.
  4. Might not work, but did you try freezing the ped before setting the animation?
  5. Is the window toggling a serverside script?
  6. LUA is good and I am sure it's never gonna be changed.
  7. I can't press anything, I can't close it, none of the buttons are working.
  8. Check if the vehicle entering is a Rhino ( event handler onvehicleenter ), and if it is, cancelEvent() my keyboard ain't workin correctly.
  9. Sometimes when I alt tab and get back after some time, nothing is functional on that GUI. I have gridlist there. @thisdp
  10. That's because MTA is running in fullscreen. Try setting it to borderless mode, for me that works just fine.
  11. I have exactly the same router as you. You have to set port mapping not triggering.
  12. You have another server open.
  13. Remove the player loop. It's not needed.
  14. You gotta log in, I guess.
  15. That is probably caused due to that function getFixedName. See what happens if you remove it.