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  1. Give me please server build
  2. Suggestion for this script. This is a long hassle, here's an easier method. function isPlayerTyping (player) -- change this return blah -- this is the function that checks if he's typing. function returns true/false, result will be the same end Much faster C:
  3. [LF] Scripter, Mapper, Designer [Paid]

    Please advertise im the appropriate section About the topic, contact me at Syncer#1290
  4. Need help, Coding problem..

    are you visually seeing the colshape in /showcol? if you are, add a debug line at line 28 that outputs something so you can see if it's executed
  5. [HELP] Vehicle-System

    Image not working
  6. [LF] Looking For Roleplay Scripter [PAID]

    Syncer#1290, I can do it.
  7. Call functions in other directories?

    I think he didn't want to use exports for some reason.
  8. Call functions in other directories?

    Why don't you like the exports tho? You can use an event aswell, but things get bit different there.
  9. Problems with Client, and TriggerclientEvent

    Show /debugscript 3; show your current code. I doubt someone is just going to write the whole script for you.
  10. need help fast pls

    You should rewrite that in a way that someone else can actually understand it, including screenshots and a readable problem.
  11. Python as a scripting language

    This has been suggested four million times. This has never been implemented and probably will never be because it will require a lot of unnecessary rework with almost no point at all.
  12. Can you use code tags for that, my friend? I'll help you when you do that. It's [ code ] long long code [ / code ] without spaces. @Venon1
  13. Need help with some calculations.

    Hey. I might be asking a real stupid question, but I've just ran out of ideas. I am creating a progress bar, based on DX (the one on wiki wont work because its divided in parts). I have created the first rectangle, but I have trouble calculating the width of the second one. -- ex. code -- first rectangle, base baseWidth = 200 dxDrawRectangle(10, 10, baseWidth, 10) -- might be lack of args, but you get the point -- second rect indicating progress progress = 4 dxDrawRectangle(10, 10, baseWidth/4, 10) -- this is not a correct calculation, just an example I
  14. why The script is not working?

    Does the function get executed? Show meta.xml
  15. [Show] Jefferson in Ghetto

    Ghetto in Jefferson made me smile, but actually, it's not that bad. The houses in the middle could be less and you could add some chairs or something like that, maybe a barrel that all :O's love (pls no ban), just improvise a little bit on that.