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  1. Biistamais

    Veículo Privado tipo SAMP

  2. Biistamais

    Looking for MTA scripter [PAID]

    Skype is dead, please get a Discord or we won't be able to contact.
  3. Biistamais

    Load last element data?

    Supply the string to the query.
  4. Biistamais

    Load last element data?

    So just use it like in my example, you supply a table to the toJSON().
  5. Biistamais

    Load last element data?

    Sure thing. -- So, first we are going to create a table with any info. table = { } table[1] = "a" -- Tables cannot be stored to mysql, so we are converting it to JSON jsonTable = toJSON(table) -- Now it will be in the format of [ { "1": "a"} ] (something similar, writing by my head) -- This can be saved in mysql. -- When you want to use it as a lua table, use fromJSON(json string)
  6. Biistamais

    Load last element data?

    You can. toJSON and fromJSON will do the trick.
  7. Biistamais

    [HELP] message notification

  8. Biistamais

    Looking STAFF / Scripter

    Not gonna contact you on FB, that's so dead. Add me on Discord Syncer#1290 or hit me a PM here. (not recommended, it'll take time)
  9. Biistamais

    Give me please server build
  10. Suggestion for this script. This is a long hassle, here's an easier method. function isPlayerTyping (player) -- change this return blah -- this is the function that checks if he's typing. function returns true/false, result will be the same end Much faster C:
  11. Biistamais

    [LF] Scripter, Mapper, Designer [Paid]

    Please advertise im the appropriate section About the topic, contact me at Syncer#1290
  12. Biistamais

    Need help, Coding problem..

    are you visually seeing the colshape in /showcol? if you are, add a debug line at line 28 that outputs something so you can see if it's executed
  13. Biistamais

    [HELP] Vehicle-System

    Image not working
  14. Biistamais

    [LF] Looking For Roleplay Scripter [PAID]

    Syncer#1290, I can do it.
  15. Biistamais

    Call functions in other directories?

    I think he didn't want to use exports for some reason.