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  1. [Show] Jefferson in Ghetto

    Ghetto in Jefferson made me smile, but actually, it's not that bad. The houses in the middle could be less and you could add some chairs or something like that, maybe a barrel that all :O's love (pls no ban), just improvise a little bit on that.
  2. evreytime i restart my server the mods gone

    What mods? Are you talking about resources? Are you able to start them using the start command in console? Show a meta.xml. Be more specific, my friend. Feel free to tag me when you're done. @MaxxR
  3. [Looking for] Snowball script?

    Well, why you need it if you made it? I'd do the following : disable grenade explosion, on the same event get the animation, dunno about the projectile if it can be changed, but you can always use mta beautiful functions, then check who got hit and apply the animation
  4. Which OS is best for the server?

    I am pretty sure that much doesn't change, but I am using Linux X64 if you mean that, because it's running my webserver and everything else. If you want, I can get you the name of it.
  5. onClientRender - removeEventHandler

    Alright, hi. So, I'm creating a small DX HUD that opens when you switch a weapon and closes after some time (indicating the current weapon and the other ones, but that's not so important here). I did create most of it, but I am having trouble with removing it. So here goes the code. function prepareInfo () -- here is the info that prepares everything, mostly not nesesscary dxValue = 100 -- this is the value (one of the possible ones) that would get defined above and is correct local callfunction = function () weaponfunc(dxCount) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, callfunction) -- you may see this weird, but it's just so I can pass the variable setTimer(function () if removeEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, function () weaponfunc(dxCount) end ) then outputChatBox("Handler Removed") end end, 3000, 1) -- So right here we set the timer to remove the onClientRender event (and also outputChatBox just to see that the function gets called end function weaponfunc (dxCount) -- here would be the dxDrawRectangle(), not needed here, function works, it just doesn't remove end
  6. [REQUEST) Spawn Panel [Paid]

    That one in the photo looks like a DX LIB, maybe you could draw something in paint/ps to show what are you looking for? Do you want it to be made by DX, GUI or something like visual selecting (maybe switching views of class spawnpoints and pressing enter), just specify that. How do you want it to be created? Should it be with animations if it's a DX one, or should there be any transitions between menus? Is the scripter required to handle events and exports to your gamemode to make it functional? Specify as much info as possible. Please answer those and tag me if possible, as @msyyn said - that price is pretty low.
  7. Problem with resources

    Show the meta.xml of the resource and a screenshot of the resource. (hope i'm not late lol) @iRoby0
  8. Server list problem, can you help me pls

    Contact your hosting service, please reply to this post if you are hosting on your own PC ( or your own server at home )
  9. Please I Need Help!!!

    use code tags mate please just when editing look for the tab < > and put ur code there or use [ code ] paste lots of stuff [ / code ] without spaces thanks here
  10. Scripts protection

    Client side files are downloaded to the clients' computer anyway, it just gets deleted AFTER executing, so by getting everything sent on the network we get the file with no trouble. it's fileDelete() tho
  11. Discord won't install in my server

    I hope you didn't type it in server console. You gotta type it in the terminal, as terminal would return something lol If you are using a hosting, ask your manager.
  12. help me with something

    You probably gotta make your own vehicle system.,
  13. Non stop crashe MTA

    Try to install windows 7, if it's possible.
  14. Wastage of Servers and players

    Agree. My server is mostly empty, but stays hosted, as it is not public, but for my development. It would just get shut down? Lol
  15. banned?

    lol another threat