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  1. Biistamais

    Attatching event to root vs resourceRoot

    Just spotted another error. Well, the first argument of addEvent() is obviously the event name, the second one is allowRemoteTrigger, which basically allows it to be triggered remotely, from other files or resources, you should always keep it true unless for security reasons. The third argument is not necessary and shall be removed.
  2. Biistamais

    Attatching event to root vs resourceRoot

    function sendPedVoices() triggerClientEvent(source, "applyVoicesClient", resourceRoot, ballas1, ballas2, ballas3, ballas4, ballas5) outputChatBox ( "#FF0000zzzzzz", source, 231, 217, 176, true ) end addEvent("sendPedVoices", true, true) addEventHandler("sendPedVoices", resourceRoot, sendPedVoices) -- <<<<< attatched to root function requestVoices() triggerServerEvent ( "sendPedVoices", resourceRoot) end
  3. Biistamais

    Attatching event to root vs resourceRoot

    function setPedVoices(ballas1, ballas2, ballas3, ballas4, ballas5) setPedVoice ( ballas1, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS1" ) setPedVoice ( ballas2, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS2" ) setPedVoice ( ballas3, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS3" ) setPedVoice ( ballas4, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS4" ) setPedVoice ( ballas5, "PED_TYPE_GANG", "VOICE_GNG_BALLAS5" ) end addEvent("applyVoicesClient", true, true) addEventHandler("applyVoicesClient", resourceRoot, setPedVoices) -- Changed to resourceRoot, this will do the trick.  function requestVoices() triggerServerEvent ( "sendPedVoices", localPlayer) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, requestVoices)
  4. Biistamais

    i need help :(

    You just posted a script and the topic was against the guidelines, you didn't write whats wrong or what errors do you have. What do you expect?
  5. Biistamais

    i need help :(

    What issues are you facing? Reading the whole script is honestly messy if you don't even know what's wrong.
  6. Biistamais

    server is not listed

    I see your server in the master list, where's the issue? It might take a minute or two to update, but it is working for me.
  7. Biistamais

    Veículo Privado tipo SAMP

  8. Biistamais

    Looking for MTA scripter [PAID]

    Skype is dead, please get a Discord or we won't be able to contact.
  9. Biistamais

    Load last element data?

    Supply the string to the query.
  10. Biistamais

    Load last element data?

    So just use it like in my example, you supply a table to the toJSON().
  11. Biistamais

    Load last element data?

    Sure thing. -- So, first we are going to create a table with any info. table = { } table[1] = "a" -- Tables cannot be stored to mysql, so we are converting it to JSON jsonTable = toJSON(table) -- Now it will be in the format of [ { "1": "a"} ] (something similar, writing by my head) -- This can be saved in mysql. -- When you want to use it as a lua table, use fromJSON(json string)
  12. Biistamais

    Load last element data?

    You can. toJSON and fromJSON will do the trick.
  13. Biistamais

    [HELP] message notification

  14. Biistamais

    Looking STAFF / Scripter

    Not gonna contact you on FB, that's so dead. Add me on Discord Syncer#1290 or hit me a PM here. (not recommended, it'll take time)
  15. Biistamais

    Give me please server build