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  1. Fixed! thanks to everyone
  2. hello everyone, I made a boss script, with spawn position ... etc I made it in closed base with door (auto open), sometimes he gets out I need to make when he out, automaticly back (Distance) help please?
  3. Thank you @Arran & @Jusonex
  4. @Jusonex My VPS is CentOS 6
  5. hello guys, does the VPS of 2GB Ram can run 2 MTA Server's with 50 slots?
  6. yes everything fine, thank you bro <3
  7. thanks for everyone, I made it by myself, thx bro
  8. ls

    Added Official Trailer Of Server
  9. thanks bro @shaio is worked fine bro, but I do not need to use teams, I need when player in acl shows the name what I need for example for 'Admin' ACL be => Administrator tag? understand? I do not need the teams? Thanks for everything
  10. Okey, will wait, and thanks too much ^^
  11. is working, but everyone get that tag, not only that acls
  12. Hello guys! I make an object stucked under my back, but I can not see anything? any help? Done! guys, I find it if anyone has this problem use this setElementCollisionsEnabled
  13. Done guys, I made it by myself! but little problem? how to set the object like the pickup? because when I make the object under my back, I can't see nothing. like this, I can not see anything, any help please? Done guys! I find it and thanks if anyone has this problem? use this setElementCollisionsEnabled
  14. I'm not talking about the vehicle, I need to stick with player, not vehicle, you understand?
  15. ls

    Adding new stuffs! like vehicle system (full options).