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  1. It's working, thank you so much
  2. I still can click only to players with no hex, I think this is the problem getPlayerFromName(guiGridListGetItemText(gridOpenSenior, guiGridListGetSelectedItem(gridOpenSenior), 1)) can gsub be added to this?
  3. Hello guys, I have a problem, I'm trying to hide hex colors from a grid list and it didn't work for id,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local row = guiGridListAddRow(gridlist) setTimer ( guiGridListSetItemText , 100 , 1 , gridlist, row, column, getPlayerName(player):gsub("#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""), false, false ) end any help please?
  4. I tried that, it's the same
  5. It's working, but a little problem when you change your clothes and change another skin and you reconnect, the clothes are gone, any fix please?
  6. Resource: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=10588
  7. Hello guys I'm using my friend @WASSIm.'s script of saving It saves everything except ped clothes, and it have debug problems if (clothes) then for _, cloth in pairs(fromJSON(clothes)) do local type, texture, model = unpack(cloth) addPedClothes(source, type, texture, model) end end function getAllPedClothes(thePed) local clothes = { } for type=0, 17 do local texture, model = getPedClothes(thePed, type) if (texture) and (model) then table.insert(clothes, {type, texture, model}) end end
  8. TorNix~|nR

    Admin Panel

    I'm using the latest admin panel I only added logs into it there's not a problem at all I want to know if it is possible that the bug is made by 1 resource
  9. TorNix~|nR

    Admin Panel

    Hello guys, I have a little problem, and I don't know from where it came Sometimes when some players enter the server it starts lagging so much, when I take a look in Admin Panel (the default admin panel) I see that every resource is multiplied by 2, means for example 20 resources become 40 resources, is there any solution please?
  10. Yeah it's working @Tekken the working code: local timerTimer = {}; function sortTimer(plr,timer,time) if plr and timer and time then if isTimer(timerTimer[plr]) then killTimer(timerTimer[plr]); end timerTimer[plr] = setTimer(function(plr) time = time - 60; m,s,cs = msToTimeStr(time); fullTime = m.." M "..s.." S"; textItemSetText(timer,""..tostring(fullTime)..""); if ( tonumber(m) <= 0 and tonumber(s) <= 0 and tonumber(cs) <= 0 ) then stopJailTimer(plr, timer) end end , 50 , 0 ,plr ); end end function stopJailTimer(plr) textDestroyDi
  11. Sorry, that :~ I think is caused by changing the LUA to HTML I think, it's not like that in my code You think I can use this? local allJailTimers = {}; function jailPlayer(plr,timer,time) if not isTimer(allJailTimers[player]) then if plr and timer and time then if isTimer(timer:~Timer) then killTimer(timer:~Timer) end timer:~Timer = setTimer(function(plr) time = time - 60 m,s,cs = msToTimeStr(time) fullTime = m.." M "..s.." S" textItemSetText(timer,""..tostring(fullTime).."") end , 50 , 0 ,plr ) end end end
  12. I use these in the events time = math.floor(jailTime) startJailTimer(source,time)
  13. Hello guys I have a little problem with this code, when a player enter the jail it start counting the timer without a problem but when another player enter the jail too (means they become 2 in jail), the text timer stop counting for the first player (it freezes for example in Time Left: 0:40 seconds) and start counting for only the second player Code function startJailTimer(source,jailtimex) -- to start mission timer .. if source then TimerDisplay = textCreateDisplay() m,s,cs = msToTimeStr(jailtimex) fullTime = m..":"..s TimerText = textCreateTextItem ( "Time Left:
  14. Problem solved, please any moderator can remove this topic? @Dutchman101
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