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  1. Hello guys, I wanted to know how to make this button be visible or open only for specific ACL button = guiCreateButton(370, 525, 80, 30, "Button", false, tab) if (source == button) then -- opens punishment window guiSetVisible(window, true) guiBringToFront(window) Help please
  2. @Bence2004, what do you mean?
  3. It's working, thank you so much
  4. I'm using exports of topbar (the script) exports.topbar:dm ( "Use #ff0000/changepw#ffffff to change your account password.", root, 0, 245, 82, true )
  5. Hello guys, I have a little problem that I want to solve I'm using topbar script with showing texts on the console I want to remove the hex colors like #ff0000, but I couldn't do it --[[ Display a DX topbar message ]]-- function dm(text, r,g,b, col, bell) -- Insert message local tick = getTickCount() if text == last_msg then return end if not col then col = false end if bell then playSoundFrontEnd(11) end table.insert(messages, {text, true, tick + display_time_ms, 170, r,g,b, col }) outputConsole("[TOPBAR] "..text) --this is the one last_msg = text setTimer(function() la
  6. Hello guys, I wanted to ask where is the problem in this? I'm getting debug expected argument... how can I fix it? local veh = (getElementType(source) == "vehicle") if veh and isVehicleDamageProof(veh) == false then help please!
  7. hello guys, please I'm wondering why isn't this working for index,thisPlayer in pairs(getElementsByType("player") or getElementsByType("ped")) do nothing found on debug, but only ped works but player not help please?
  8. TorNix~|nR


    I know, I want to remove it completely, how?
  9. TorNix~|nR


    Hello guys, please is there anyway to remove these texts from the map (F11) ?
  10. hello guys, I'm wondering how to change the killmessages position from right to left I changed all aligns on gui.lua, but it didn't work any help please?
  11. Hello guys, please I need help I want to allow using the Combat Shotgun ID: 27 to jetpack like other weapons like Pistol, UZI.. etc help please
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