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  1. Hello, world. Currently I'm working on a tool to create Super Mario 3 levels. You can check it out here, http://www.4shared.com/file/2987513/b006aeae/smb3_remake.html
  2. yea i made that. Um, im working on a new something...its going to be totallly, imean TOe TAll E fantaStick! untill that totallyfantastic thing, please visit: http://web.fccj.edu/~mlperry/tglonline.html for a brand new/old online client for the Nintendo Entertainment System using our favorite game, "The Guardian Legend". Its pretty cool. If you love online games, please check that out! --headfonez
  3. http://web.fccj.org/~mlperry/mta-intro.swf well this was back then
  4. well to be honest with you, upon further review...Ive come to realize that there are games exactlylike the one i just described.....but they have their limits when it comes to real-time action. For example (bare with me now, this does relate to the game suggestions topic) Age of Empires, a game ive just recently been introduced to, is a wonderful example of real-time strategy. However, there is no "Action". And when I say action, I'm talking about jumping out of the boat, onto land, and massacurrin everything in sight. No, this would not be difficult to script...ittl just be a challenge. A
  5. the game mode can be found on this link http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=125909#125909 Its basically a Real TIme Strategy version of Capture the Flag
  6. for a more consice version of this game mode, please follow this link: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=125909#125909
  7. ------ The 3 Nations ----- Please read this post: Thank you The Three Nations a) there are three nations, "East Vice", "West Vice", and the central islands b) Eastians and Westians have social groups and goverments. the central islands do not. c) these social groups are the good guys {civilians} and the bad guys {robbers}, and the governments are led by the President, Secretary of Defense, and Police Leader {the Sherrif}. These are elected positions. Elections Elections occur 24 minutes after a new leader is in office. A new leader is in office by eit
  8. the following is a game mode idea for mta. This is an excerpt from a chat that I've had with several developers as well as members of the MTA Community (namely Wojjie, Iggy248, Marcel, and myself) * Now talking in #ideas * Marcel has joined #ideas * Iggy248 has joined #ideas wha, wojj? m00 im all a tingle he must have never left the room anyway * Anz|away has joined #ideas then just tell us well lets hear it well it goes a little like this well you know how there are 3 islands... indeed yes 3 islands 3 flags ok, these islands represent nations each island
  9. eai: did you glue this man using memory coding or the main.scm? I believe there is an opcode in main.scm to glue someone to a car, I'm not sure though. How did ya do it again?
  10. headfonez

    What we do

    The simple fact is, cheaters DO prosper in the gaming world. And alongside that, the cheating will never stop. Hackers won't die. Instead they multiply, distributing their latest hackedup trainers to every newbie and a*hole that can get their hands on it. Not all hackers are "bad". Look at our MTA team. We are nothing more than hackers with a freindly website and a slammin game. Yeah we brought you multiplayer for Grand Theft Auto, but still, we did it by the unofficial tweaking and modifying of the contents of a copyrighted video game. So yeah, not all hacking is bad. Seeing that hacking/ch
  11. what a funny post! what? a funny post? Thanks.
  12. It looks great. Please mention in the subtext that Grand Theft Auto 3 is a Rockstar Game, not an MTA game!
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