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  1. idarrr

    [HELP]: setElementRotation

    local cam = getCamera() local _, _, cz = getElementRotation(cam) local px, py, _ = getElementRotation(localPlayer) setElementRotation(localPlayer, px, py, cz)
  3. idarrr

    dxSetRenderTarget doesn't work like it should

    Maybe because you are using ALT + TAB and this will clear all render target.
  4. idarrr

    Server Background Music

    No, you can't use youtube URL to play a sound. There is an API to convert youtube url to mp3 file and you can play it. Or, you can create invisible browser and open youtube URL.
  5. idarrr

    CEF not load video local

    Just convert MP4 video to WEBM
  6. idarrr

    SetTimer + SetElementPosition not found

    I don't know what are you going to do with that. Is there any error coming out from debug? You know, 4th argument on setTimer is variable you wish to pass to SubenPasajeros function. And you should do this on SubenPasajeros function function SubenPasajeros (DispPasajeros) -- pass the variable here end
  7. idarrr

    [HELP] ipairs and pairs

    It tooks only 10 seconds for me to find the answer on google.
  8. idarrr

    Server lag

    Probably the problem was on client side code, and mostly lag coming from render event, mods, and shader. You can check your client and server performance either using performancebrowser or ipb resource. Check this link: EDIT: btw, your image link is broken.
  9. idarrr

    sqlite COUNT

    That query should work and return zero as column COUNT(Account) Should be like this result[1]["COUNT(Account)"]
  10. idarrr

    Roleplay Server DMV Bug

    This thing here if (randomQuestion) and (randomID) then else -- if code executed here, statement above return false end randownQuestion or randomID value may contain nil value
  11. idarrr

    [HELP] Resource Protection

    When client download encoded file, you just need to read data from file and decode it and I dont think you need to modify the file at all. And use that buffer to apply texture or dff. See engineLoadDFF And also for dxDrawImage can be done using dxCreateTexture Basically: read file data using fileRead > decode data > apply texture or model using decoded data > close file I never try this, but I think it should work. Not sure about GUI image.
  12. idarrr


    function showText(hedef,fiyat) local fiyat = getElementData(theVehicle, "fiyat") or 0 toBeShowed = toBeShowed.."Arac Fiyatı: "..fiyat.."\n" lines = lines + 1 end addEvent("oyuncuBilgisiDevam", true) addEventHandler("oyuncuBilgisiDevam", root, showText)
  13. idarrr

    Garage script help!!

    What's the problem? And what is this? if (getElementData) >= 6 then
  14. I think the door position doesn't follow the ship object. If getNearest() used to find nearest object, maybe try something like this local attachedTo = getElementAttachedTo(doorObject) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(doorObject) if attachedTo then x, y, z = getElementPosition(attachedTo) -- and do some calculation about the offset position end
  15. idarrr

    disable /showchat comand

    Try to use ACL to restrict command /showchat.