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  1. Emile will update the post. Mean while here's the ping test (location: around the world): Not accurate ping due to traffic. When connected to the MTASA Server, you'll get: Asia: ~200ms - 300ms Australia: ~260ms - 350ms Russia: ~30ms - 200ms United States: ~100ms - 170ms Europe: ~10ms - 30ms Best Regards, Curt
  2. Hmm, are you trolling us or what? Is there a gaming server that is 87TB?
  3. Will be created on Charlie Box. _________ All the rest of the request is declined.
  4. when my server will onlline curt? because i need it :c Its already online. Please request
  5. Who said that the hosting is closed?
  6. Please check your spam folder. We sent you a another email. what is ur Email name , are u sure u sent it to ? Forgot that, that hotmail rejects emails. Please provider a gmail, yahoo mail, or other mail provider than hotmail/outlooks.
  7. Please check your spam folder. We sent you a another email.
  8. Mann, please check your email. Hamza, please check your email.
  9. I added your server since 5 minutes ago. when u will add my server @Curt ? We already added your server.
  10. I added your server since 5 minutes ago.
  11. All servers that is requested will be created today. New Game Panel. 2 Linux Systems and 1 Windows Server. All server details will be sent via your email. Sorry for the delay due to a long term maintenance.
  12. Your server is ready! All server information are sent to your email.
  13. All users above this post are already got a server from me. Requests is still open.
  14. Well the current uptime is 1 day since I restarted it yesterday the last uptime was 35 days. So the uptime of our servers will be 24/7, but there will be announcement if there's maintenance. Privacy Policies - Tos - Email sent.