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  1. Oui pas de souçis mtasa:// [Eu.#1] & mtasa:// [Eu.#2]
  2. Salut a tous ceux qui lise ce topic ;'D Nous recherchons des membres de préférence français pour jouer avec nous (activement si possible) sur un serveur MTA DayZ nommé NON-STOP (plus détaillé : Europe 1) Nous somme une petite bande de français qui ont une base moyenne sur ce serveur (6 exactement âgé de 16 â 35 ans pour le plus vieux) Nous possédons un discord (https://discord.gg/Eu6kCZF) communautaire (c'est a dire ils y a pas mal de gens qui joue a notre serveur sur ce discord de chaque langue , Lithuanien , Polonais etc.) Le serveur en lui même Le serveur a été crée en 2012 par un Ukrainien nommé Haron. Le serveur depuis a évolué énormement question gameplay , loot , items , optimisations et j'en passe. Des fight de clans en masse , des voiture rares et beaucoup d'autre choses comme des bots et des boss. (Si vous désirez plus de détails , rejoignez le discord.) Voici quelque photo du serveur auxquels nous jouont : http://www.mediafire.com/view/yz5y1ksir6qmklr/mta-screen_2018-02-08_00-19-59.png http://www.mediafire.com/view/iu2ltgb2mgkkxb5/mta-screen_2018-04-08_21-44-55.png http://www.mediafire.com/view/ohmz6df99wtrzaa/mta-screen_2018-02-23_21-46-45.png http://www.mediafire.com/view/fw2dz028eted48s/mta-screen_2018-02-15_19-47-35.png http://www.mediafire.com/view/g6fhbdqjihno6dr/mta-screen_2018-03-29_20-45-24.png Désolé pour cette présentation un peux pété mais si vous voulez vraiment tous les détails , rejoignez notre discord et je vous expliquerait comment marche ce serveur Bonne chance a tous et bon gameplay a tous ^.^ -JsK27ns , leader.
  3. Hell yeah as you've seen on the title of this topic , i'm actually working for an MTA DayZ version who going to include all of these weapons (List) and actually the SOUNDS of Arma 2 DayZ Weapons will be inside these mods , there is more than 20 Weapons in this gamemode WEAPONS LIST : Melee Weapons: Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Barbed Baseball Bat with Nails Hatchet Machete Crowbar SideArms: G17 M9 M9 SD M1911 Makarov PM Makarov SD PDW Revolver SMGs: Bizon PP-19 SD MP5A MP5SD6 Shotguns: Double-Barreled Shotgun M1014 Remington 870 Remington 870 (flashlight) Saiga 12K Winchester 1886 Assault Rifles: AK-74 AK-74 GP-25 AK-107 AK-107 GL AK-107 GL PSO AK-107 PSO AKM AKS AKS (gold) AKS-74 Kobra AKS-74 PSO AKS-74U AKS-74UN Kobra FN FAL FN FAL AN-PSV4 G36 G36A (Camo) G36C G36C (Camo) G36C-SD (Camo) G36C-SD G36K G36K (Camo) L85A2 ACOG GL L85A2 AWS L85A2 Holo L85A2 Susat Lee Enfield M4A1 M4A1 CCO M4A1 CCO SD M4A1 Holo M4A1 M203 RCO M4A3 CCO (Skin bugged but i'm trying to fix that) M16A2 M16A2 M203 M16A4 ACOG RPK SA-58P SA-58V SA-58V ACOG SA-58V CCO Machine guns: M240 M249 Saw MG36 Mk 48 Mod 0 PKM PKP Sniper Rifles: AS50 CZ550 DMR KVSK M14 AIM M24 M24 (Desert) M40A3 M107 SVD Camo Specials: Binoculars Night-Vision Goggles M67 Grenade M203 HE GP25 HE Smoke Grenade FlashBang (Maybe but not sure ift i add it) Compound Crossbow M136 Launcher (Maybe but not sure ift i add it) So yeah it's a lots of weapons ah ? but the project is only at 10% Because i have to add all of these weapons so it will take an while RESSOURCE USED ON THE GAMEMODE -Mapping is everywhere (Mapped everywhere 100%) -Multiple Language version (French , English , Russian , Espagnol) -Background Sounds of DayZ Standalone & Arma 2 : DayZ Mod -New roads / Map textures -Grenade launcher (For weapons who have an M203 or an GP 25) -Armor Hud (F6) -Clear Chat System fully automatic -New particles -NoLag (New!) -Admin logging message -Admin clantag -Weapons Hud same as TOP-GTA -No blur system -Anti-Relog -Anti-Hack -Anti-UseBug -Global Chat -Custom vehicles models -Anti-Duplicating items -New water effects -Reload Sounds & Explosions ect And more will come until the development of the GameMode PLAYERS WHO HELP ME DEVELOPPING THE GAMEMODE -[iS]~~>Jiisko (Owner & Scripter ONLY ON MTA DAYZ) -[iS]~~>Niz9x (Mapper) -[iS]~~>Omar (Scripter & Mapper) -[iS]~~>Blast (Background sounds & weapons sounds maker) -[iS]~~>ZequoDBZ (Scripter) STAFF LIST - UPDATED 20/11/2015 at 6:24 AM -[iS]~~>Jiisko (Owner) -[iS]~~>Niz9x (Super-Admin) -[iS]~~>Blast (Super-Admin) -[iS]~~>ZequoDBZ (Co-Owner) -[iS]~~>Zzonq (Admin) -[iS]~~>Omar (Admin) -[iS]~~>KaRTo_ON (Admin) -[iS]~~>Blakee (Super-Moderator) -[iS]~~>Nums (Super-Moderator) -[iS]~~>Lim (Moderator) -[iS]~~>Sool (Admin) -[iS]~~>L.Joffroy (Moderator Girl) -[iS]~~>Mhouast (Donator) -[iS]~~> Pzons (Helper) [MTA:DayZ] IS Squaad Infected World | Events H24 | Arma 2 DayZ version I hope you enjoy reading this because it taked me long to read all of this , Screenshots of the gamemode are not available right now , But when i got time i will upload them SEE YOU SOON ALL PS: A BIG THANKS TO OMAR WHO IS THE BEST HELPER OF THE GAMEMODE DEVELOPMENT , I HOPE YOU WILL STAY WITH US DEVELOPPING THE GAMEMODE , WE LOVE YOU <3 Project MTA:DayZ IS Squaad