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  1. is that sarcasm? because i recently downloaded 2 gigs and it took about 2 and a half hours 700 wouldnt be bad at all. but anyways, personaly i liked GTA 3 better than VC because VC was just TOO flat, no hills almost no jumpes. but i cnat play GTA with out the bokes helicopters and shooting tires, so i wont play GTA 3, i wish there was a mod that would just add thoes aspects into GTA 3, popible tires, motor bikes, and heli's
  2. most gamers mag's include a CD with demos on it, more and more are switching to demo DVD's (which sucks sence my DVD Rom Broke down), anyways they use Demo DVD's because there is lots more room for demo's, and one demo on that dutch DVD is obviously MTA
  3. I believe prolly is shot (or slang) for probably
  4. yeah you can actulay knock them down and drag them hurting them, and im pretty sure that speed effects backwad speed, set the normal up high enough and you should go back real fast. if a server want's to allow modded files they should have the option, but it would ruin the game IMO
  5. i saw you on a death match server, you were running over every one at the boat (sailor spawn) me and 5 others where shooting you car but it didnt take damage.. if you have to cheat to have fun thats fine its not my place to say anything, if i cared i would run my own server, i have cheated befor on counter strike, it was alot of fun, it made things boring though, but i never lied about it, and you shouldnt either. Edit: you had a Saber Turbo. i would say the fact that some one could run a persion over 50 times befor they got up, back and forth etc. and like Cudda Kine if they had full access they could make there car indestructible...
  6. i think weapons on the VCPD heli should be enabled, with or without limited ammo i dont care, but i think they should be controlled by a different player otehr than the pilot, a gunner if you will. that coudl open up some team work posibilities
  7. i never kill with any thing but a Pistol, strafe in circles and fire i only use the big guns for shooting car's as you can simply jump out of the way if they are after you even with a big gun, i rairly get hit by cars or hit with a shotgun/big gun, jumpin garound untell your pistol reloads is good too
  8. Ghost99


    nightcom, if you wernt a n00b you would have done a search for weapon locations like it says befor you enter the forums... as you so eligantly put it "some people should be shot" you were an asshole to that guy asking how to be a passanger, he didnt read the manual, and you didnt read the disclaimer, maybe you should put some thought into thing's befor you open your mouth.. how did you put it? PWNED!!
  9. Ghost99


    where do you live? a $25 us game in canada would cost $39.26 acording to the 2002 exchange rate of 1.5703 oh and to answer YOUR question, install 0.2 and try it
  10. Ghost99


    http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=3956 flamethrower = #35 (doesnt seem to be on a roof acording to the legend) but go see and good luck and the guy with the rocket launcher was prob a bug (or cheater) i dont think you can even aim in 0.2 let alone fire one of them...
  11. i beleve molotovs (sp?) do damage to cars like a gu nshot would, one gun shot doesn not kill a car meaning one molotov woudl onbly do so much damage and if the car is in mint condition one molotov wouldnt blow it up
  12. I like what Xucas said, about pasanger fire, the hunter doesnt have one, but i think it would be cool if a passanger could fire a weapon in the vcpd heli that should be slow and limited but work on other player's personally i dont think the hunter weapons should ever be able to harm players/cars there just to powerfull now dog fights, as i mentioned way above would be an awesome feature, meaning the weapons should only work on other hunter's
  13. a few things i dont experence any lag on the hunter, and what bugs? the weapons dont do any damage they fire but nothing happends, you could attack players all day practicing with out doing damage great if they ever get put in. and another thing, i dont think players should complain about bugs, there not doing anything to further the project there getting to play it, its a privilage, and they take it for granted. bringing it to the attention of people and asking how to fix it is fine, but not "this sucks there are to many bugs" (i hear that ALOT)
  14. hard? have you tried all you have to do is point your nose down and shot rocket after rocker (or bullet) swoop down and go up turn (very quick) and do it all over... if they add the guns it should be limited ammo, lower damage and slower rate of fire at the very least they shouldnt be able to blow up a car, set it to fire sure but the rockets are instant kill.
  15. i voted no, the copters are already uber power full with an instant kill from the blade's. the weapons would be cool if they only worked on other hunter's and have 4 - 6 hunters around the map for some dog fights id like that... but they shouldnt work on players/cars in my opinion.
  16. thanks to the team for MTA! ps. im stuck on a mission where i have to drop ads for my movie company =\
  17. i have the same peoblem i posted about it but no one ever said any thing of use so dont even bother reading it, but id liek to know more about the colors myself
  18. hey thanks for the link, useless but thanks anyways i got over 900 resaults searching, and im not going to look through 900 threds for some thing about the radar, i look at the subjects and saw nothing i liked thanks for playing, better luck next time
  19. what do you sujest i put in for search, "radar color problem" returns hundreds with out any radar information
  20. my radar doesnt show team colors it only shows yellow blips, any one know how to change this? or what would cause this, i searched the forums and read the FAQ nothing about this has been mentioned thanks for any help any one can provide
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