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  1. To hell with :Oing samp. I'm tired of :~s like 2000 vehicle limit or using :Oing streamer to create quality maps. And i'm done with :Oing cheaters. I'll give my best to get some population, even if its - double half from current playerbase.
  2. Failed SA:MP server clone? First of all, its my own server, and obviously people got used to it. So im going to make similiar to it? I dont see what's your problem. Its funny how you dont even read my topic and makes some completely bull:~ judgment. First of all its only "Balkan SAMP server", so there is no "competition" since we wont have any international players(Since its on Serbian). Second, there is no balkan server and i want to start something new, since my SA:MP server which reaches 1000 players at every day fights SA:Mp limits which Kalcor is too :Oing lazy to fix, MTA is fine solution for this. Anyhow, i found people who are going to do this. Lock this for now, i'll let you know if i need some support.
  3. [19:32:34] MODULE: Unable to load mods/deathmatch/modules/ ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) I've tried everything. Debian 8 64-bit, i really tried everything.. i've /usr/lib client there installed, every single package is installed.. Solutions?
  4. Sure. i will add you.
  5. Respected fellow members and staff of this community, Mostly what i'm going to write is mentioned in topic above. Lets be clear about this, everything on this topic mentioned above is correct, but still there aren't people who are willing to help this project. I'm probably gonna say now, main problem for finding developer is : Trust and money(which we have both). This is our new project, and even if it dies, our SA:MP will hold legacy for long and long time. We reach peak now ~1k players every day, which u can clearly see in my signature banner. So i'm not gonna disband my sa:mp server obviously, BUT I WANNA START SOMETHING NEW so i can help people who are playing my current server to advance and experience new adventures and stuff. Like obviously, on my server, every player is using cheats, or abusing some typical SA:MP bugs, which Kalcor isn't going to fix for long time. SA:MP didnt had any update for 1.9 year or so. And mostly, what i preffer about MTA is no cheaters, quad core process usage(if i assume correctly?) , NO LIMITS FOR VEHICLES(because on my server 3 slots per player and ~job/organisation cars~ and since SA:MP has limit of vehichles of 2000, i get massive errors and cars dissapear. There are so many more advantages to write but i don't want to waste your time. If you are interested, to begin "EDITING" some RPG script, with instructions which i'm gonna assign you, and if you follow up correctly, i will award you with money and we can continue our cooperation. Obviously, i want to see if you actually know and have some knoweledge about MTA, and not just some copy/paste bull:~. In my sense of experience, i assume that MTA scripting job may be boring, however even tho i wanted to learn LUA by my self, there are some traps which prevent me from doing that, example university, sa;mp server, private life and some issues considering health. HINT #1: THIS JOB WILL TAKE EARLY DEVELOPMENT AND WILL LAST LONG TIME. Expected WORK for this project is 6 months to ETA 1 year. I want to do everything slowly and prepare everything. Sorry for my bad english i'm writting via :~ty phone. HIINT #2:Since we are going to do EXACTLY as my SA:MP server(similar), i will provide instructions, info with everything, including how to make, screenshots, and any other information avaliable to help you make job easier. Thank you for your time which u spent to read this topic. 'Staff.
  6. Last visited6 hours ago hehe
  7. Check my signature? = ) Stop being an ass. I just wanted to ask people, because i'm tired of SAMP. And im not looking to succeed at anything.
  8. bump..
  9. Mah, moze i strani skripter, nije problem. Nema puno balkanaca jer nema servera sa balkanskim jezikom, s'obzirom da nasi ne znaju ni da se registruju na obicnom sampu a kamoli na nekom stranom MTA. Nema puno balkanaca jer nema ko da im objasni da je SAMP u poredjenju sa MTa cisto sranje. Kad sam video da na MTA mozes da pustis youtube i film, samo sam rekao sebi ovo je pravo az mene.
  10. Poz, da li bi neko zeleo da skripta za MTA server, bice balkanski. Iz prostog razloga jer mi je SAMP dosao do kurca od mrtvih citera i cleo kretena, pa hocu da se oprobam. Takodje, vec drzim SAMP server od 1000 online igraca svakog dana, ali me ubijaju limit vozila, citeri, i bagovi jer Kalcor nisat nije update vec 3 godine. Vidim da je MTa dosta kompleksnija, bolje optimizovana, i multi core threadovi ako sam proctaio negde dobro. Imam vec jednog lika koji rad MTA kod mene, ali bi mu valjala pomoc. Za pare nije porblem ako bude hteo neko.
  11. Hi!

  12. Hi!

    I'm not leaving server, im just preparing to build(plannin, still need like a year or so) a new SA:Mp reborn(MTA), because i dont know what to put inside server anymore, as everything is used. + Kalcor who know s the hell hes gonna update that SA:MP clinet,version, even if he does, hes probably gonna put just some new objects and new functions which would be useless anyway. U want proof, no problem. I have sent you PM with details.
  13. Bump, still going on, or check ... 73#p901073
  14. Hi!

    Sorry if i posted in wrong section. I'm looking for Scripter(Developer) For MTA server. I want to run an new MTA server for my people who are playing SA:MP, since i hold server of like 600+ players, and SA:Mp became boring To be honest, it didnt had any update since 2015 or something, i want to try MTA beside it. So, if anyone wants to talk with me about stuff, write me in PM. PS don't worry, i got everything ready, dedicated etc.. It just needs script working, other is my job. Money is not problem. I really tried to start a new script from zero, spent some time, its not working, probably im limited to PAWNo i suppose.. or if anyone has an full working RP/RPG script to sell, that would do the job also! Thank you for reading!