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  1. Now the clip text doesn't show at all EDIT: Hey, thank you very much, think i solved it, the problem was that my width was too large, so when it goes to the center instead of the left alignment it, then it was drawing outside of the screen, thank you so much !!
  2. Sorry, here it is, ignore variable names, width/height is inverted with pos: local x, y = guiGetScreenSize() local font = dxCreateFont('strangerbackinthenight.ttf', 25, false, 'proof') or 'bankgothic' -- fallback to default local textColor = tocolor(255,255,255,255) local outlineColor = tocolor(0,0,0,255) -- custom valores local drawWidth = 0.5 local drawHeight = 0.94 local drawPosX = 9.1 local drawPosY = 367.0 local drawHeightWeapName = 0.91 local drawHeightWatch = 0.1 function hud ( ) clip = getPedAmmoInClip ( getLocalPlayer() ) totalammo = getPedTotalAmmo ( getLocalPlayer() ) w
  3. Hello, i'm developing a HUD, but i've found a problem... So, i'm using relative text (screen size from 0.0 to 1.0), and i'm drawing a dxtext on the center of the screen (0.5) Everything is fine, but as far as i know the dx text anchor is on the top left, , and i want it to be on the top center, how would i do this ? Images explaining what i'm trying to achieve below, yellow is the half of the screen (0.5), purple is the text anchor and red is the text size. I currently have this: And i want to do this: Thanks since now !
  4. Hello, i was making a blip event system, where the staff give a /eventoblip command, then a blip will be created above him on the MAP (F11), and when anonyone kills him it returns a message, then show the killer name for everyone in the server by outputchatbox, and give the killer items... I'm currently using mta dayz gamemode, the most part of the script is working perfectly fine, my error is: The script identify if the admin killed himself or if anyone killed the admin, but it doesn't identify the killer's name / account... It doesn't give the killer items and doesn't give the
  5. Hello, Sorry for the late answers, i've been a little busy... So, i've modified my script and now it works fine to identify when i killed myself or when anyone killed me, but... It doesn't identify the "attacker" value... It doesn't give the message that the event is over because someone killed the staff, and doesn't give items to the attacker... Here is the new script: --function blip has paremeter: theplayer function blip (thePlayer) --variable accountname receive the value of the getaccountname of the player, to see the player login accountname = getAccountName(getPl
  6. Hello, thanks for helping... I ve done it but now i cant even get the suicide message Idk what more can i do
  7. Hello guys, what's up ? I've made myself an blip event script, that attach a blip on the admin on the map, and the user who kills it get a random item. The most complicated part of the script is working fine, but i have a problem... The problem is: When the admin kills himself, the event doesn't end, if i die 10x, i'll have the function still running, so everytime i die it gives the message and the item... The script: (i've already commented all the lines to get easier to understand...) --function blip has paremeter: theplayer function blip (thePlayer) --variable accoun
  8. But the objects it's on different distances from the ground... Don't have an exact distance to say it in the script, i have to make like an radius ?
  9. Hello, my MTA DayZ server is lagging because it has a lot of players, and a lot of flying items because these players remove these items from inventory when spawning on parachute... How can i do a resource that clean these flying or also all items ? I've seen this in a server, i think they said it's made using col shape... Ty!!!
  10. No, that's not what i'm saying, i want that THE SCRIPT connect to the database and get the information, and store it to a variable, the information RANK and EXP, because we need to reset the server and want to make and /save command, to save the stats and restore it after the database resetting, we can't do it manually, as we have more than 6000 accounts...
  11. Hello, so i have this script that gets the rank / experience from the player, and save in another database, to backup the rank/exp, because we need to reset the accounts, as it has more than 6000 accounts and its lagging because of this, and i want to know how to connect to the internal.db and get the informations, the function to get the information: rank, experience from internal.db ? The script: local dbConnection = dbConnect("sqlite", "backupexprank.db") local qh = dbQuery( dbConnection,"CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS accounts (nomeconta text,patente text,experiencia text)"
  12. Can you please help me ? I'm lost e.e So with this function i will save every row/data from internal.db of the player that said /savestats ? And how can i do this ? Ty !
  13. But i don't want to save all the players, because it will still be lagging, the internal.db has 50mb of data, i wan't to save just the exp/rank from players that are online and give /savestats, then we reset the database, and after this we make another script like: /getstats, to retrieve the saved stats and get back to the player account...
  14. Ah okay... But how can i get the data from internal.db and save it to another .db file ? Because the server has so much players that we have to reset, but we want to save the rank and exp from players that give the /savestats command, and the rank/exp is stored at the internal.db
  15. Now it worked fine: Why do you think that isn't working to get the player informations ? Because i think when i send it to the owner of the server i'm staff, with the elements name that he gave me (rank, experience), i dont think it's going to work, as getting info from internal.db doesn't worked yet...
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